Tell me your game times in Survival!

Let me know your times in my game below!


Survival is a game I made where you need to dodge and avoid the white pellets. Get hit 10 times and you’re out! This game has a timer, so I would like to know your times! :smiley: ( you can post a screenshot with it as more proof if you decide to. It is not required )
My current time record is 1:09 1:32 1:47 4:22

If you have questions about the game, feel free to pin me using @Benicheen in the replies below.

If you enjoyed the game, make sure to check out my Youtube Channel; GD Benicheen!


Haha B)

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image B)

This Game Is Acually Hard!

Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 8.39.32 AM

i could have done way better, but not sure if its a bug or something, but my character kept moving upwards and I couldn’t make him go down. Other than that its a pretty fun game.


I Could’nt Move

@pixelknife31 the same thing happened to me, my character kept moving up and I couldn’t do anything about it.

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Yeah. Sometimes When I Get Hit I Cant Move

Well i got the all time record


@GrimProductionZ Got It Now

??? I am confusion. (Limit)

You Got The Record :()

Oh ok thats what you meant:D

Okay, I give up, lol.

Just Try And Try Again Or, give up, lol

Im Da Best At WASD

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yall have no life… and neither do I, so it’s time to pull out the baka knowledge

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Let me just edit the game real quick…
I set the timer to 0 so the timer is real quick, lol.

That’s the said thing about being able to edit other peoples games, even though it don’t save, people will be very dishonest about their time, although I can vouch for everyone’s time currently, but the second someone goes over half an hour is definitely cheating, lol.