Terraria! V3.4

Hello and in this discussion I will ask for help and reviews for my game Terraria!
Remember, anyone that favorites AND asks for it will get a featured pet made for them!!!


Help! I can’t figure out what’s wrong with the grass animations, only the right side will work.

I didn’t even see any grass animations, but I just realized you put in fall damage… Don’t ask me how I figured it out :lol:


Wait, I gave it a like… Can there just be a Boy in Armor themed pet or something? Like a child you could ask to come with you (The child could be on a journey, too). Thanks!

Ooky i will!!!

PS is there a way you could make the sprite then send it to me?? :wink:

Because there are less left corner blocks in that area, I didn’t find a way to use your method to fix this.
The only way I could find to fix this is to use it’s coordinates to animate it a left corner grass block.
There is only 3 left corner grass pieces in this area (I only used 1) and you would need each coordinate for all animate left.

Another way would to redesign the behaviors by using gates.
example: If raycast up & right is both nothing; animate a right corner block

Yeah thanks I will use that!
I need each block to continually test it though BECAUSE my game is sandbox, it could be redesigned.

My best bet would to use gates if you want them to work with redesigns.


@rcreger the boy in armor is in now!!! :slight_smile: