Test release of Android app export

So the Android export feature is (finally), almost ready to go. While I am testing it out, I have enabled it for everyone who signed up to help test the prerelease version.

Just click the “Export for Mobile” button next to your game to add it to the build queue. It can take several minutes to complete, depending on how many games are building, so please be patient if you try it out.

Feel free to make some Android apps, just please let me know if you run into any problems.

I just made a test game with only a few objects, just to test the buttons on android. Generally how many minute is several? It feels like it’s been a good half hour or so. I hit build before I made that topic about Diamondsion Assault, and that was a while before midnight, so it’s likely been 30-45 minutes.

It’s been relatively an hour now since I hit build. It just now finished.

Here’s an update on how the game works. It does not automatically switch to landscape mode, you have to turn on rotation. Also, it does not allow multitaps, so I cannot move and jump at the same time.

Hey Mhx,

Thanks for testing it out. It was actually broken when you first submitted your build, so I had to fix a problem before it would finish processing.

It shouldn’t take more than 10 mins or so to spit out a build, and I have a planned change that will make it way faster than that. I am working on tweaks to it right now, so it may be sporadic for the next hour or so.

Multiple taps should be supported - I’ll look into that one. I’ll investigate the rotation issue as well. What device are you testing with?

I see what you mean. I just downloaded DA Light Attack and it only took a few minutes.
I’m using an LG Volt android device.

Here is a list of bugs I’ve encountered so far.

  • Builder crashes if the game name has (parentheses)
  • You cannot have more than 1 Flowlab game on your device at any time
  • Installing a different apk will overwrite your other Flowlab game, deleting it
  • Games will randomly crash for no reason and without warning
  • Games do not support multi-touch
  • Landscape only mode requires you to disable rotation lock
  • All games are mute, and do not have music or sounds
  • A data or WI-FI connection is required at the opening of the game, otherwise a red version of the game editor opens up and assumes you are starting a new game as a 5 level free user. Interesting, but dysfunctional.

I’ll let you know if I find anymore problems. Right now I’m trying to figure out the screen size to set the game to. It’s not full screen, because I set it to iPhone default, and my screen is bigger. The amusing thing is that all changes are live and do not require another build each update.

Edit: List updated at 1:55 am.

wow, quite a list :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up!

wait so the games go straight to the android market

and does it work

IT WORKS… i just email them to myself and download it from there

so they go on the app store

once you hit build app is it on the app store because i hit build but i don’t want it to be on the app store

It doesn’t go directly to the app store, it just adds a button so you can download the app to your Android device.

Basically you can just email it to yourself and download it on your phone.

You can also just visit the site on your device, and click the download button to download it directly

its what i do. hey grazer. can you make it to wherewhen there is a keyboard trigger, it shows up as a button?

I have to use a bluetooth keyboard…


There isn’t an obvious way to translate from keyboard keys to screen buttons, unfortunately. On screen buttons will have to created manually, at least for now.

I dont have the buttom to put in android…help…

“I have enabled it for everyone who signed up to help test the prerelease version.”
This is only available for members that joined last year or earlier, and people with premium accounts.

As for on screen buttons, I’m using a messaging system to send messages instead of key presses, for clicks on buttons I made on the GUI. http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/180979