Testing dragon game

I would need gametesters, tell me if the base mechanics are good.


The animations seem pretty smooth and align well with the dragons action such as taking off, walking, and flying.
I like the flying mechanics, but it seems a bit touchy.
If you spam the jump button the number for the jump increases depending on the number you pressed it.

Like lets say the jump is 2. When you press space W it will move up by 2 then slowly lower back down again. But when you press W twice it will move 2 the first press and then 4 the second press making the dragon go up 6 instead of 4. Although this is just an example I don’t know the exact numbers, but you need to fix that the number multiples when you press W more than once.
Since the jump number multiples the lowering or falling speed is quite slow than that of the jumping so you tend to stay in the air more than you do the ground. At least this would somewhat balance everything.
Other than that I like it, reminds me of flappy bird and I can’t wait to see what you have in plan for this game.

i love the dragon, i wish i found this so i could use it.

Oh,thank you for your comments. I would like to say only one thing: i had to set the gravity to 15, and i have to say this is a problem, to make the dragon get down slower. I will try smoothening movements, then I will post another topic so you can see the results. And spoiler watch out:

Its gonna be a RPG

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That sounds pretty good. I can’t wait to see what you have in planned for this game.

I’ve tried the game out, and it looks great so far. But the camera mechanics confuse me a bit, and if you let your character go offscreen simply by standing still, the camera will glitch out and not work.
Good luck on your RPG game!

Thank you, the camera REALLY needs to be fixed, it never happened to me before, i guess this because of the strange mechanics.

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