Testing This Out.

Everyone launch up this game, Im just test to see if people across different brands of service are able to connect and play this together. My game will be playing till 11pm.



Hey, I just checked it out for a minute but I think I was the only one in there :frowning:

I was able to connect.

@grazer I just wanted to see how it would workout with other people, thanks for checking it out! Thank you as well @Akninshar !

I looked at it I was also the only one in there

@“Johnny boy” thank you, that was yesterday, although im about to leave it running again to see if anyone connects to me. Curious how this will work.

You should join the flowlab discord and see if anyone on there can help. That way, you have live chat between people.

I like that I’m popular enough to be tagged :slight_smile:

I like I’m not popular enough to be tagged :slight_smile:

Also the right word is “mention”