Tetris Update (that was painful)

  1. Score system works like the online game (Play Tetris | Free Online Game | Tetris) Except for “T-spin” (no idea how to do that) and “hard drop” (can’t do hard drops the timers are already at 0 for soft drops if I do no timer it will cause the object to pass through the floor, cause physics go brrrrrr)

  2. The save system should FINALLY work IMPORTANT: if a player does 2 awsome runs both will be on the leader board (like in old games)

  3. Added a coolish TETRIS object when you clear 4 lines

  4. You will not get the same object more than 3 times (like normal tetris)

I hope this is everything and closer to the actual game plz leave feedback and suggestions.

Last but not least try to beat my high score I dare you! (when testing I got 100k but I won’t count that cause I’m nice.)


So Sorry it’s good I don’t even know how that happened :confounded:

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I loved it! keep working on it!


This is really impressive! Tetris isn’t a very straightforward game to build, at all :slight_smile:


My high score is 6467, I can’t imagine how you almost got 16000

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i got to 409…eeerrrrr…

@CodeAlpaca (both of you guys)
if you press down it gives points + every level multiplies points earned (i got in the habit while making it to just always press down!)

oh, so just playing more games gives you more points? I only played 2 rounds

no no no every 10 rows cleared advances a level and your every point is multiplied by each level


oooh ok that makes more sense