Text box feature

@grazer, as you know, many games feature text in them, dialogue that unfolds as you press a button. These usually consist of RPG games, like Pokemon, Undertale, Legend of Zelda, and then other games like space shooters, and some platformers. I would like to request text boxes, where you set the object size, and give it a text box setting, so when triggered, starts typing out text, and word wraps to the next line. It would be extremely useful, because until now, all dialogue has been images and animations, and making a letter by letter typing animation would take several hundred animation frames, per paragraph.

Text box feature? I really needed that for my game. Had a tape recording that was formed with words with the alert boxes, but they weren’t really the same… it would be really useful to Flowlab.

I had that idea too. I wanted a ‘text’ behavior too (it’s like the number behavior but now it’s with text). You can connect it with labels, alerts and textboxes :slight_smile:

You can add/change the text.
This will be very useful

So it will work like this

Label text: “bye”
[Text (“hello”)] —> [(set) label]
Label text: “hello”
[Text (“nice”)] —> [(add) label]
Label text: “hellonice”
[Text ("")] —> [(set) label]
Label text: nothing
You can do the same with textboxes

[Text (“You died!”] —> [(set)(bold text) Alert]
[Text ("Next time better!] —> [(set)(text) Alert]
[Text (“Try again”] —> [(set)(button text) Alert]

`You died!
Next time better!
[Try again]`