Text Save Crash and losing Save- Bug

Hey, I have found a bug with the save behavior.( Specifically the Text type)
The issue is that when you save a text value and then load it in another level it works properly. But when you restart your game and read the save value it is “empty”
Sometimes it doesn’t even say empty, it just crashes.

Here’s the example I made to show it:

@grazer @JR01

If you use a text behavior, it still shows empty on reload,
but inputting that “empty” into a Label still crashes the game.


Yeah, shouldn’t the text save and then not show as empty?


Yes, but what I meant is that the “empty” text that was loaded still crashes when put into a label.
This doesn’t happen when you put default “empty” from a text block into the Label.

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It does happen when you put a default empty to a Label. The main problem is that when you save a value to the Text Save Block and reload the page, it just deletes whatever you had.

No, it doesn’t I just tested it and why I said that…
This means the save behavior isn’t actually outputting “empty”, but its also not outputting the letter we saved.

No crash:



Oh I thought you meant Text Save block. I know it doesn’t crash when you go from a text block to a label.

Yep and when you go instead from save to label, but save to text, the bug shows it as “empty” in the text block. So there is definitely something wrong with the save behavior.

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@grazer Any update on this bug?

Bump @grazer

Hey @Johnny_boy - thanks for the details report and example. I have saved this in a Trello card, but I have not released a new editor update since you have reported this. I’ll make sure this is fixed in the next release.

I’m still working on some website & server upgrades (in the background, unfortunately - stuff noone will see mostly). When this is done, hopefully in the next week, I’ll start working on the next editor bugfix update. I have a pretty long list of bugs reported at this point to tackle in the next release.

Thanks for being patient.


Ok thanks, take your time on the update! :slight_smile:

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