Thanksgiving update 2! 10/27: multiline text

I just deployed a new update (v1.1.1040) to add multiline Labels. I keep seeing people use Alert popups for player dialog and instructions, so hopefully this will provide a nicer option for those uses. The Labels have just been updated to add a multiline input box, and they will now render multiple lines.

Here is an example of some RPG style player dialog using the new Label update:

In addition, there are a few minor bugfixes as well:

  • UI behaviors were not loading properly for objects in UI layer - fixed
  • When running the game from the behavior window the backgrounds would display incorrectly in some cases - fixed
  • Animation behaviors will now select the first animation by default if none are selected manually


@grazer As cool as that is, what if we want to edit a certain dialog piece, you would have to go through all the labels until you found it to make sure it formatted correctly. A good idea would be a dialog behavior that worked as 2+ labels linked that display in the order you typed them, and have a “next” input that tells it to bring up the next label and when the chain is over, it disappears.

I’m not really convinced it should be a completely new behavior type, since there are so many different game-specific types of dialogs. Also, a real game could be a lot more complicated, with multiple choice questions potentially creating a dialog tree instead of just a linear list.

The example I posted above is not particularly refined, and can definitely be improved on. Maybe each dialog should actually be it’s own object or something - I’m sure there is a simpler way. I mostly just slapped something together to try and show a better-looking alternative to using Alert boxes :slight_smile:

I definitely see what you mean about the stack of labels being kind of unwieldy, so maybe I will spend a little bit of time to see if I can come up with an improved example that alleviates this issue some.

Thanks for the feedback!

isn’t there a short blue text below the label behavior for a short review of what you wrote? That’ll help organize it.

Im talking about dragging the label around on the level editor to see what it looks like

@grazer the reason why i think a dialog behavior is neccessary is sometimes the labels get in the way. And having them stacked up like that could possibly make it worse. The dialog idea would probably keep the whole label thing going, but could keep it organized better and allow the person using the editor to see what object(s) are behind it and could move it without misplacing the label by accident. It would also help in some cases like that bomb mechanic in starblast 2- when the bomb is used. The text “bomb intact” disappears. And with the dialog behavior: it could have “charging” when the bomb enters its cool-down sequence. Plus. Wouldn’t it make creating games a lot simpler, plus, if you wanted multiple choice things you could have an “end” output into a message causing the buttons to show, and when the button is clicked, then it hits another dialog node. That would work, right?

Another cool idea is to include the ability to import fonts, just as you would with sprites. That could really expand the amount of potential- especially if people create their own fonts to go with their game exactly like they want it. My game has all those glow effects. Right? What if i could make the labels and scoreboard glow too? That would be awesome to have! If it had that option I would use that program I use for spriting and hit that glow effect. Anyway, its just an idea.

a really good one i think :)

what I want is the ability to choose multiple things on alert, like yes or no. Good for RPGs

and textboxes!

I’d love to see if a future update, if we can somehow make a 3d platformer, where the characters and blocks dont look like old NES or SNES games. Still in a 2D form, if we can make 3D objects on a 2D format. If thats even possible.

A textalign property could be useful. (Left, center, right)

What would also be pretty cool, is if we can have a voice recorder, so instead of text box chats, with a microphone you can record what you want a character to say at some point or by action, like in an rpg platformer where they get shot once, they say ow,

You can already do that with the sound behavior. You just have to find a tool to record your voice and convert it to a .mp3 link. Put that link in the properties of the sound behavior and you’re done.

Huh, ok didn’t know that thank you