The 8-bit reviews (Scores number from 1-100 !prizes! I noticed this topic isn't getting much users so it ends in christmas now) CLOSED FOR NOW

I will review your games send me the link and i will play it there is prizes: 1st place: i will make a topic about your game so everyone can see it and make the game popular!!!

2nd place: i will put your game in other review topics!

3rd place: I will put your game in the uncategorized section.

The cover

Will you accept incomplete projects?

yes i will accept incomplete profects

Ok! I can’t share a link rn, but it would be nice if you reviewed DoM (The decimation of Mankind)

Of course i saw it a a post call DoM and i loved it! But one thing it was pretty hard and i couldn’t shoot with the shotgun do you need ammo first?

I know its not finished and I already got somewhat of a decent score on it, buts its the only really good game that I made.

P.S. I’m probably not really looking for top three, just maybe some further feedback before the trailer and the actual game itself gets released.

Also when walking through the vertical doors, walk a little bit below them, I had many people get confused on that. This information might save you some time.

Ok ManiacPumpkin…(2020202020)

great game!!! 202020202

Hey maniac pumpkin you should make a trailer tomorrow maybe!

maniac pumpkin i know it’s a good game but there is some things that aren’t good no offense but the demo is really short people who try the demo might go crazy for the next part if they really like it, also please fix the door thing, and here is one thing i want to say:

Will you add hiding spots?

If you pick up ammo ( it’s on the ground rn) you can use your shotgun

Its… a work in progress

Very laggy (202020202020)

Here’s one I made a little while ago, there’s no ending… because it’s infinite!

Nice Book Of HELL

Its far from finished, this is the demo

I like the updates you added!!

Week days im gone 8:00 to 6:00 so pls dont text me those days

todorrobot your game was awesome i made it to page 1491!!!

Heres the review scores:

Gameplay: Not bad very simple

Difficulty:Not hard

Graphics: Not bad very good

Score: 80

could u score mines?