The Ability to Communicate With Objects in Different Levels Via Messages

The title says it all, and this one’s going to be much shorter than my last suggestion hahaha

Basically, what I propose is a new option in the messenger behaviour that opens up the checklist further, allowing you to send messages to objects that aren’t currently being loaded, no matter the level. What would this help with?

It would solve timing issues which were caused when trying to get around the lack of an ability to do this and more. The immediate idea that I got of how this could be useful is a main menu that changes as you progress through the storyline, like what Cyberpunk: 2077 did. This is one idea of many, many more that could be solved and become possible with this feature.

Summarised: I propose being able to send messages to objects that are in different levels.


You’d have to make a custom setting of “save values on level restart” or something

My original idea was to make it so that the ability to send the “transfer-messages” would be exclusive to objects that either have “Keep Between Levels” or “Keep on Level Restart” enabled, but the ability to receive them is universal to every object.

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But that’d exclude the blocks you’d want to send a message to but not have physics activated.

The problem is, that objects don’t exist if they aren’t in the level you are in.
Though, I think using a Save behavior would get what you would want.


What I was thinking but didn’t know how to put it

Fair, yeah; but here, let me present this; what if it stored the information in the game’s network and kind of; “locked it in” until it was able to present the message? Like saving it in the cloud to be used at a later date, for example. And the moment it would be available for use, (i.e. when the object comes into existence again) it fires the message to the exact place it needs to go.

I’m pretty sure the save behavior can do this…

JR said that, but my bounce-off with that is that it can be finicky. If not a new option for one behaviour, then a simplification and/or new feature for another could do well, too. It’s a similar problem with the want to save a game. The bigger it is, the harder it becomes to do

What do you mean by finicky in this context? The save behavior is probably one of the simplest behaviors to use

“The bigger it is, the harder it becomes to do”

There isn’t any lag or any misreads, so I don’t see any finnicky-ness. I’m pretty sure somebody used saves to make mario maker inside of flowlab

As I said; the bigger a project is, the harder it is to do.

If were going onto complexity rather using a single number to determines something,
may I suggest using a list.

That seems more plausible for simpler projects on a slightly larger scale, yeah

Save behaviors also support lists, so you can transfer the list across levels.


Got it, then. Haven’t really tested out with the new update much recently, so I’m glad this is now possible! Thank you.