The ability to create specific codeblocks that save and work across your games.

So, my idea is that you would be able to implement your own coding and highlight it, and turn it into a codeblock. They would be stored in a new section called “Custom Blocks”.

This is really not completely out of the question. You can already kind of do something like this using expression blocks. The expression parser handles any valid Haxe code (which is sort of like Javascript). If this something that a lot of people would like, I could work to formalize this into its own block, since the Expression block isn;t really that practical.

Hey @grazer, I’ve been thinking and I think having a behavior to write our own input and outputs would be handy. Features that aren’t really necessary or shouldn’t have there own behavior block, some things could easily be executable through a code block.

Things such as getting player info from their computer, ending the program after hitting an Exit button (for exports), creating a list, making a Typewriter which can output text by the player into string and maybe go into value for a label?, and pop numbers at the beggining or end of a number.

like in 10523, pop 2 and = 105 or pop -2 and = 523.

That or possibly a more advance (but possibly seperate) expression behavior block that can
add letters (into string), do logarithms as sin, cos, sec, csc, tan, and cot, and pop numbers.