The Ability to Message Across Game Layers.

It’s a simple concept, and before I started working with the in-game radiation, I noticed that it won’t work without being able to message from the game world layer to the user interface layer. Let alone, this would also be amazing for a Pip-Boy or Inventory thing! It would simplify things so much. Please, @grazer, consider this? It would be awesome.

You can do this already. Just rename something in your user interface layer to something recognizable and if you have a message box in your game world objects the user interface object will show up.

It hasn’t done this for me. User Interface and background objects don’t show up in the list.

@browngr background objects shouldn’t show up because they arent meant to have any logic put into them, but the user interface objects should show up. Could you by chance send any screenshots of what is happening?

They show up with the rest of the objects in the list, there not separated by layers

Well, they’re not showing up for me:
Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 5.33.34 PM
The object is called “Rads Bar”

@browngr GUI objects are sent to the bottom of the list- they are separated from the game world objects

Oh! Thanks, Crimson! Also, I’m glad you commented, we need your help. Would you like to join the ViperTeam? If you’re interested, we can give you more information via our group chat, and then you can make your official decision.

This is ultimate recruiting!