The Among Us Adventure series

As a fellow writer, you want to keep the story alive. Unless you have other plans for the series, I wouldn’t jus kill a character off for an easy plot.

I have many stories where the main characters all die, probably a ton of stories like this. But I have a main series where I choose to keep the main member of the series who grows along with the reader growing alongside them.

I know your suggestion was probably just another short idea, but I feel this is something to keep in mind, especially if you want a returning fan base.


Bro wanted khalton to break me.

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i mean, khalton has some good points

people usually only have a strong mentality because they learn to grow from things that hurt them or realizations that they need to get better

the art isn’t very good in these games as well, and should be something you look into improving on.
i recommend some simple youtube tutorials as well as searching up a reference image (if you can) before you make something

the game design is quite random and doesn’t really make much sense, and the movement is just the run and jump bundle with animations

even if someone doesn’t break you it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to listen to their advice


Now this is what khalton should have said. I’m more offended by the lengthiness of his garbage post than the actual aggressive tone. I shall improve. But do be reminded that this is my cousin’s game, with edits, revisions, and updates done by me. Also, I don’t listen to Amongphobic people, their opinions are worthless to me.


Personably when I go for games or the story aspect of it, I try being original as possible so one day I can market off my ideas without copyright issues. I also keep original since it’s my own work and no one else’s. I’m proud of the stories I create and no one can claim my ideas.

I know this may not be the case for you, but creating countless games based off of existing themes, games, or dead memes will probably allow you to grow with game mechanics, but as a game developer you won’t, having to rely on the ideas of others. I’ve seen that you have had some interesting ideas and stories I would love to hear further about, but when you have your characters team up with Spider Man to go to planet Mars to fight some toilet king the story is too far fetched and any sort of sanity just seems lost.

I’m not against memes or old vines as they were apart of my childhood, but I would consider leaving them out of your games if you want the game to feel professionally done. I’ve seen meme games that were good, but because of the fact the designer relied on other peoples work seems like a easy factor in the development of the game, making the game seem less valuable.
There’s many variables to game making and I believe that originality plays a key part in it.

You can make games based off of other stories and concepts such as I, but it’s how you interpret them into a game mechanic and making it unique to be called your own.

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My cousin is a bigger Among Us (not including the memes) fan, which is why the main character of this adventure series is sus. I added several references to Transformers because he is a fan of Transformers as well. I agree with you and there may never be a The GAME video game ever again.

Taile Gamougg is the most original game I’ve seen on Flowlab.

Considering how a majority of it is halo based and the hundreds of references, not likely.

The characters such as Gamougg and the rest I would say are original, but the environment and the memes within the game don’t make the game seem original in the slightest.

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Bro was exaggerating but he is kind of right. There is no Halo basis anymore. I don’t blame you for this misconception however, as you are probably a miserable working adult with hardly any free time :cry: (no offense). Gamougg 3 will be receiving an Original Graphics Update soon because of this short conversation. I will admit however that the series is very much inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Like JoJo’s, Gamougg frequently makes references to things the series creator likes. Also like JoJo’s, Gamougg is a series that takes place over several time periods and changes its protagonist (almost) every time.

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My bro Gamougg is the realest game flowing on the lab


In terms of free time, I’m assuming you mean catching up on your games.

I’ve played a few of them, but to be honest, they all feel like the same game, only a different playable character and different areas, but not much changes in terms of gameplay. Like what khalton said, the games could be all merged into one than having so many.

After I played the first few, I kind of refused to play the rest because I couldn’t find anything of interest to keep me going further. The only difference is story and characters, but even the story sometimes doesn’t make much sense and everything feels too plot heavy than having a natural feeling to it. For example a majority of situations seem to happen coincidental to favor the basic plot line than having any minor inconvenience or details in between.

I do work a job and have to pursue my last year of high school, but that doesn’t make me a miserable person. I have very little time on my hands and I rather use said time for my hobbies and story than play flowlab games in general, so I didn’t neglect your game on purpose, I don’t play flowlab games on a daily basis.


That’s your opinion and I respect your choice.

Although it’s very difficult to make any type of playformer seem “realistic” since it’s a 2D environment.

In terms of being realistic, there aren’t many flowjab games that can pull it off. There’s only a few games that I can see being on the App Store if they haven’t already and I can see that being realistic.

Also I was more criticizing the originality part than about the game being real, which I’m sure the game is real, but that’s not what I was referring to.


He meant real as in real good


I never thought you neglected my games on purpose :slightly_smiling_face:


Love this feature


el juego es malo y aburrido

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“The game is bad and boring.”

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Bruh, ¿por qué piensas eso?

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