The Battle for Belle Woods (Update Log)

I’ve notice a lot of people starting update logs for the games their developing, and I think it is a great way to get feedback as you’re creating in order to make the best game possible.

My game is called “The Boys of Belle Woods” and it is going to be a side scroll shooting game that you’ll choose your character and run through several levels that have different animals with weapons. I’m going to make a multiplayer/battle royal mode as well as the main story.

Character animations by Isra Maraver.


  1. Player movement and animations

Shoot’em up, platformer, or danmaku?

Love the Eagle :slight_smile: , your creation?

kind of a shoot em up, it’ll be a side scroll level game, with enemies that you’ll need to do more than simply jump over. I might add level bosses as well… early stages…

Most of my characters were designed by Isra Maraver, some will be modified based on those designs.

Check out the new additions and let me know what you think…


  1. Additional characters (these will be the main characters to choose from)
  2. Character select menu (artwork is only temporary)
  3. Weapons animations
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  1. New weapons added (knife, sword, automatic rifle)
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I like the racoon :slight_smile:

I like them all (are you sure that’s a turtle?) and especially the melee weapons, but what if the melees had three-hit combos?

HA, are you saying the turtle needs work? I kind of agree. I’ll consider combos, thanks.


  1. Enemy animations added
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I decided I wanted to give the players a reason to choose between the three characters, so each will have different speeds and health.


  1. Updated player select menu
  2. Character speeds updated

I love the eagle with the machine gun,Screenshot (70)

lol (20 character limit)