The Behavior Library 2.0! - Finished the Triggers Category!

Property category is now finished!

I’m open to feedback and suggestions.


Thanks JR, I keep mixing the title :disappointed:


Finished my goal for today! After a 2 day break from flowlab I’ve completed 4 of 10 trigger behaviors!

See it here:

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Anyone have feedback regarding the triggers category? I just finished it:

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For collision, make the object of collides with come into the right side. To not get on the way of the others.

And show a message is being sent to trigger the mailbox.

And for Once, have it do 1 thing only when you start the level (maybe make it do a full rotation once).

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Thanks, I’ll get on it :slight_smile:

Never got to it, I’m going to do it Monday (going to visit nature tomorrow).

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I love all the little preview animations, LOL.
Well done :slight_smile:

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