The Crossed Sword Games Offical Announcment Forum

What is this Forum about or for?

So As you all should hopefully know I am The Kodex, a long time user of flowlab who has been developing games on this for over a year and a half, joined the forums much later, and became consistantly active ever since. I help people with problems or give a quick review of a game when I have the time, and have also posted many forums on flowlab to not just help me - but others too. This forum is actually my 50th Forum anniversary, and I thought I would honour it with the relasea if the Crossed Sword Games Offical Announcment Forum!

What Is Crossed Sword Games?

Crossed Sword Games is my Indie games company in whom develop all types of games for all ages. Though only 1 game has been officially finished and not yet released, never have Crossed Swords Games been in a better spot! This company was actually created a few years ago by me and some friends, and ever since I have been making games. Though as it look as Flowlab is the primary game engine, I also use 3D Game developing softwere as well. We have been working on a few big projects ands thought to let you in!

What Big plans are in store for Crossed Sword Games (July, 2020)

As of the date above this text, july 2020, a day before the second official Flowjam “Summer Jam” we are happy to shed some light on projects we arew and may be working on. The Retroscape, still heavy in development, ias in the works, and has been for a few months. Also mobile game called “Retro Racing” for the phone is also being relased, most likley sooner than The Retroscape. We also plan on having a full game ready by July 21st for the Flowjam, because wether we win or not at least we will have a game to submit! The Theme has not been relased yet so we are still unaware of what the plot of the game is, but we assure you, when the game is ready, it shall be a new step for the company. Also, some projects possibly in the works, not confirmed or even began yet, romaines a fighting game, a turn based game, and maybe A Combat car Adventures Reboot.

a few other notable projects that will likely be developed in the future will be a Steam punk “Zapano” game, a top down horror game called the mending, and the Legends of Midword Series. Some other games in development such as Nightbolt: Defender of ironshade, a collaberation between me and @seamothmaster45 , will also be continuing work in the hopeful future. But, Nightbolt may not be the only collaberated game to make a comeback. as previously mentioned, the Mending is on this list and will hopefuly resume development. It was manily a collaberstion between myslef and @meburningslime , with a few nothable others like @praisetheyuppee . These games may seem forgotten or abondened, but they were merlyey shelved, and is ready to get unpacked! Also expect The Ultimate Flowlab Crossover - of The Realms of Flowlab to be coming soon, officially!

Just a few honourable mentiones to Flowlabers that inclued the likes of @“JR 01” , @Superstargames , @meburningslime , @browngr , @TinkerSmith and @seamothmaster45 , who had a big influence on me and helped me on my journey through flowlab. Without @“JR 01” help alone most of my games would be fixated at a basic level like beore I discovered forms, and @TinkerSmith though joining not so long ago has been a massive help. The rest of you have supported me and yes, I know I forgot a few people. Probably a lot of people - but you know who you are!

The Flowjam has begun! It was about Time!


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