The devolper contest

This is inspired by the folks at the artist contest where each day and week there will be a game mechanic that you have to make a game mechanic in your own way

daliy contest (starts tommorow) - a jump
I dont care how you do it but make your own kind of jump
Reward - you get to host the next contest and your code featured on this main post
please submit via screen shot


I’m in, this sounds neat.

Could I make a game and add on to it as the contest goes on?

sure that would work great

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example 360 flip

I’ll have to submit mine tomorrow morning (EST), have to get to bed now. Sorry!

k cant wait to see

Did you know you can do this effect by using a > before you type


Yes, I did know that-

Submitting my mechanic very soon.

Dashing in the air, also a better jumping mechanic than flowlab default (when you release A or D button you don’t continue to move forward in the air) Sorry for the late submission!

If you want to see the code better, go into the game in ‘player’ (the little red square) in “better run and jump” behavior bundle!


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Yeah, added some more stuff to it by the way!

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Added some neat options to the game!

  • Toggle Music
  • Toggle Lasers
  • Toggle Chill Mode

Also, what’s the next mechanic? @edwardi


a dodge roll

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hmm, so how about a left or right insta-rainbow dash with sick whoosh effects behind the player to dodge falling discoballs…?

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sure that would work