The discord

I started a discord for game devs a while ago here.
Quite a few people on flowlab are here, but anyone who makes games (or dont) are welcome here too.

We have some rules, although theyre pretty laid back- so just hang and have fun. This is also good for those who want to take full advantage of @grazers recently added collaboration feature!

How is this an announcement

A favor. I (and grazer probably) would prefer the forums not be spammed with nonsense chat, so I bumped it for a week. Grazer can remove it if he wants, but it prevents tons of new topics. We have our own private channel, so if CBG wants the main filled with new users, an announcement will help.

Hey my account name is 900winers (supposed to be 900winners but I was 8 when i made it) can I talk in it

I forgot to mention, due to recent negative behavior on the forums, there IS a blacklist. You know who you are, so unless you have a clean act, good luck getting in.

Does someone have an updated link? Would love to join.

The link was incorrect, but I fixed it - should work now :slight_smile:

Thanks @grazer!
Wouldnt have known


Is there a way to join the discord? Not like talking on it, but I just made an account on Discord, and it said that I can’t even comment… What?

@Leronic14 There is no place for you here if you’re going to be doing that.

Are you talking to me, Crimson? Sorry if I’m coming off as a bit aggressive, just asking…

@browngr no, some dude was spamming f*ck off in various posts including this one.

Wow. That’s really rude…

i like how i went from discord to some dude spamming f*ck off

I know im stupid but what’s a discord?

It’s like where all of us game nerds talk @meburningslime , I haven’t personally used it, though.

Thanks @rcreger!

hey i use flowlab (obviously) i also make games that run out of windows command prompt (they are text based, so no moving or anything). it would bo cool if i could join. iv also got an adventure txt based game im working on, so it would be cool to get some feedback!

Hey if it’s free @AgamemnonEX i’ll be happy to play it! I love those kinds of games. By the way, what platform do you use? And have you heard of The Smiling Moon?