The example picture: What i mean't (Ignore this)

Ignore this…

@crigence Did an oopsie.


Welcome to PewNews

@Crigence I wasnt trying to take down your empire sorry!

And yes I do think the sonic.exe eyes was funny.

You say no swearing though. You called my game sh*t once.

@XxCarbotxX what is that!?!?

@rcreger @Greggo @Brainstorm @“Daniel Folston” @microgamer1 @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @nkbulider @Latif
I dont think we want you to go

Thanks for clearing that up for me!

I meant i didn’t wanna swear HERE not in general! And that thing @XxCarbotxX posted is a brofist.

I don’t think @Latif and especially @“Daniel Folston” like me very much… Just saying.

@meburningslime you never seen pewdiepie :open_mouth:

@Crigence I dont think u should leave we all make mistakes! :slight_smile:

I know folston wouldn’t, but I still thibk he should see this.

No, what’s pewdepie? (Did I just kill you by saying that?)

@meburningslime you don’t know me.

@Crigence I would have to care about you in order not to like you, and i don’t.

Nobody cares

Why do you not like @Crigence , or me, I think, @“Daniel Folston” ? Have we done something to offend you? If so, please state it, for we would like to resolve this. Thank you.



Don’t spam it twice, man

Ok sorry i have a broken phone