The Final Quest

@PixelPizza @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev @grazer @Latif @todorrobot @CrimsonBlackGames @Crigence @seamothmaster45 @Johnny boy @Daniel Folston @Devawesome
I have planned this for five years…
Notice: Please do not cheat or you will ruin everything.
I have hidden code in my game for as long as I have played. If you want to try to unravel the mystery, start at SCP:World’s End.
Do not cheat and hit esc. There are secrets in the game that will tell you what you need to know to continue.
If you accept, let me know.
I havent made the ending yet, so do not yell at me for it, I am working on it.

oh no I have not I have been really busy and only check the forums a couple of times

Every contestant is allowed one hint from me. Tell me if you decide to accept the challenge.

There is a secret in the game, if you find it and it’s gibberish, double tap escape and it will work.


My first victim-erm… contestant!
Let me know when you want your hint
The first one is the hardest btw so don’t feel bad

Ok here’s the rule
When you find it double tap escape to refresh it
For some reason it won’t show the whole thing unless u do that


Ok here’s the hint
You have to press a specific button on the keyboard at a specific place

Nevermind about that rule I made a failsafe that stops the bug :slight_smile:

Is this more like 1 big scavenger hunt?

A creepy scavenger hunt and it will be in the place you least expect it… I can garuntee that

I think I have an Idea of where you put it

Do you accept then


You can get help from @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev AFTER you find the first step in Scp:World’s End.
You also get one hint

Has anybody made any progress?

@“JR 01” you’re online. do you accept the final quest?

I don’t think I’ll be able to participate,
I’ve been pretty busy with work and school.
I barely have to free time to help when I can in the forums.

ay @meburningslime i need a hint (if a have one)