The Forgotten Game

I am making a game that I have dubbed, The Forgotten. It is a horror game, but instead of me thinking of everything and making it my own, I want everybody to tell me things that I can include so the Flowlab Community will love it as a whole!
So, what do you think, reader? How about a game that all of flowlab has created?

So it didn’t work, but thanks to my countless hour experimenting, I figured something out, and it does indeed require filters, but in a different way. This is what I ended up doing, and it mostly revolves around switches.
I made a random trigger that picks a number 1-4. There are also four filters, each being equal to 1, 2 ,3 and 4. These are hooked up to switches. If a filter detects a number, it will turn on the switch. The others who didn’t detect it will go off just in case if it glitched or something. Then, I have that number thing that I did with Rider that will go through the switches and into the animations if it is on, continuing the animation.
If you couldn’t follow that, here is a picture=
The timer is just testing it out. It will actually be a once trigger.
Also the empty switches that don’t have animations attached to them are the ones that will have other animations attached to them. I just haven’t made them yet, and I’m doing it right now.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, another secret in the game is hiding and its somewhere where you first boot up the game.

And yes, I am the same person who made Jumper.

We need more games in the horror genre, and having more people on it will greatly improve it.

Things I have noticed that is great with horror games and are key are a couple listed below:

  • The Fear of the Unknown - Think about it like this: There is a dark room, and all you can hear is breathing, some footsteps, and that’s it. It is absolutely terrifying. The best thing for horror games is not to have the monster pop out at once, but have clues to the potential appearance, and possibly a way to avoid the jumpscare for the player.
  • Atmosphere - Like the previous, the atmosphere of the game helps set the mood, and tone, of the game. Many horror games have a grey-ish atmosphere, that looks sickly, isolated, dark, and forbidding. I suggest that when the horror is in act, air particles are great distractions for the player, and set a tone. You can also set the atmosphere by creepy family photos, a broken vase somewhere, the water in the faucet is running (for some reason…), or the lights keep on flickering.
  • Slow… Then Fast! - To have the most fear factor is to give it when it is unexpected. I had said to add in hints when it may come in, such as footsteps, breathing, etc. But, when the jumpscare is active, I suggest it to be slow, calm almost, but eerie of the event that may come. After about a second, a quick, over sped jumpscare, such as how Freddy shakes his head rapidly in FNAF after all you hear is his music box playing.

Of course, make it your own still, those are just some things that can help out. Also, horror games are more successful being in 1st person, as it gives the player more realism to the game, and they feel as though they were playing as themselves than a character in the game. If you want more, just ask. I have plenty ideas of the actual game if you’re open to them. Good luck!

So far, this is what I came up with based with both of our ideas

You just moved to a place in Huntsville Alabama (Just picked a random place) And you are all packed up and are going to spend your first night there. When it struck 9:00 PM, you hear footsteps. Metallic footsteps. You, since you have a guns permit, took out your Pistol, Shotgun, and a tiny sniper rifle. You also have your phone, which has a map of the house. (Can’t think of a reason why.) Your job, is to survive 3 nights at your house, so you can try to move out immediately.

Your Guns and Tools
Your pistol is fast, but does the least damage out of the three. You have 50 bullets, each does 10 damage. You will reload every 10 you use, which will take 4 seconds.

Your Shotgun is slow, but has a huge blast range, mainly for small enemies. It has 100 bullets, each does 5 damage, and you shoot 5 at a time. Takes 8 seconds to reload.

Your Sniper Rifle Is slow, but its hits are really powerful, mainly used for enemies with high health. Even though it only has 10 bullets, It does a whopping 75 Damage. Switching back and forth with the pistol makes a great combo. Its reload time takes 15 seconds, but use it wisely.

Your Phone is the key to see who is where. You can only hold it for 100 seconds through each night. (each night is 5 minutes) The red dot is you, while the grey dots are your enemies. As soon as they start moving, the only way you can know which is which is by its pattern in the map Also, your phone is a little blind spot, but it can light up the area, keeping the enemies at bay, or hiding in your room if they’re already on there.

All items will be recharge and regained at the end of each night.

I will state its name, why it is named, its health and damage, its attack strategies, its weaknesses, its movement patterns, and signs of its presence. Also, you will have 25 health in each night.

-It was named Rider because it is the most active, so you could say it rides through the house.
-5 Damage
-It stays near the walls until it attacks. It will continuously run back and forth until it decides to attack. If you hit him 3 times while he attacks, he’ll back off. Once it reaches 75 health or lower on its first attack, it will run away, and will continue the cycle until you die.
-It is best killed with a pistol, to keep him off your back.
-It goes as straight to you as it can. It is kind of obvious which one he is due to its movements.
-If you hear metal clanking, its likely a room or 2 away. If you hear metal scratching, he is in your closet.

-It was named Sawdust because it has a saw for a hand, and has a trail of wood shavings wherever he goes.
-10 Damage
-He will come in and attack you once every night, Giving you the only shot for you to kill it. It will attack swiftly, so stay alert when you hear its sounds. If it is alive in night 2 for 3 Minutes, It will take off its saw hand and it will become an enemy itself and will attack for Sawdust. (Inspired by Chica’s Cupcake kinda.)
-It is best killed with the Sniper Rifle and pistol alternating.
-It won’t move for the first minute of each night, telling you what it is.
-If you hear a saw, Its likely it or its hand. If you hear faint wood chipping, he is under your bed.

Sawdust’s Saw Hand
-It was obviously named that because it’s Sawdust’s hand.
-5 Damage
-As soon as its in your room, it will stay there till it you kill it. It moves incredibly fast, so it is extremely hard to hit.
-It is best killed with the Shotgun
-It doesn’t appear on the map.
-If you hear the saw, its a room away. If you hear it scratching the floor, its about to enter.

-Last victim it killed, they got mangled and ripped apart- You can see a skull in each one.
-10 Damage
-These are the only pests that you need to look out for in the vents. There are 2 of them, and if you get hit by one, Your phone will crack and break, and you can’t use it anymore. Also, its sharp claws make it available to climb the walls and ceiling.
-It is best killed by a shotgun.
-It moves so fast on the ground that in about 3 seconds, they are already in the vents. Only one will move at a time. When one dies, the other one starts moving.
-If you hear thin metal banging, its in the vents, if you hear creepy giggles, its in your closet or a room away.

-It has a gun in its endoskeleton that it doesn’t use, It has a target on its head, its fabric is camo, and the fabric is so torn, it looks like it was in a war. That should be enough hints.
-7 Damage
-They start moving on night 2, and very rarely accompany a Mangler in attack, only to attack after the Mangler is dead. It is like the Rider, but it moves to a different spot in the house than its spawn when it his 125 health or lower at one attack. Sometimes, it will hide in the closet when it took a chunk of damage.
-The target on its head is a pretty big sign what gun to use- the Sniper Rifle
-Stays near the outer walls of the house, and slowly progresses to you.
-If the lights go dim, he is near. It you hear growling, he is in front of your door,. If you hear graveling footsteps, he is walking towards you while he is near.
-BONUS He drops random ammo when killed

The Shadow
-It is all black, and makes the lights go dark.
5 Damage
-Only appears when all the Androids are dead on night 2 and night 3 begins. This guy is the boss of the game. When he enters, the light goes out, and its just black. You better have good eyesight. You will need it. Oh, and good luck with your phone, that will die when he’s around. He runs swiftly. If you shoot him 3 times, he makes it like an enderman and goes to where he spawns.
-It has no weakness. Just pray that you can hit it, for its jumpscare is horrifying.
-The darker the lights, the closer it is. Also, if its in your room, The amount of maniac laughter is spine-chilling

They will not heal at the end of each night, Manglers are the only exception.

My hands hurt from all this typing

Sounds very interesting @“ShadowAxeKid Productions” , and I’m just wondering if you have started production with the game? If you have, could you post a link for me to check out?

So far, this seems like a very sturdy concept. Nice work, and good luck!

Just did the intro, which is very simple, and trying to figure out how to do the phone. Also, I drew some rough sketches of the androids using a pen.

Nice work! If you need anything else, just @ me!

The Forgotten
As for the backgrounds, I’m doing them in the Pixel Art Website.

I just saw it @“ShadowAxeKid Productions” , and it looks nice so far - of course, more content is needed, but starting up nicely!

Do you know any example that I can use for the phone, where it has you and other NPC’s on it?

@“ShadowAxeKid Productions” , do you mean their names, or pictures? If you’re asking for a sprite, I can make one for you - if that is what you want.

More like the function of the phone. Like how the androids move the dot that shows the android moves to. Keep in mind there are 5 Androids in one game at max. Plus the player.

Also, If you can make a sprite of the phone and its way cooler (Which it probably will be) I can save it in my computer and upload it.

I honestly am not sure how to program that effect, though it’d be cool, but I don’t even know where to start, sadly… ( @grazer ? @“JR 01” ?)

But for making the sprite, I can start making one hopefully tomorrow, as I’m about to go to work. So, good luck when I’m away!

You probably need a layout of the house tho, don’t you?

Sounds like your gonna use the “point at” behavior
and make code for what obstacles are in the way to get to the point.


What I mean was, there are dots on the phone. The Green is you, and the others are your enemies. What ever the room they are on, the dot will pin-point its location. (The brown ones are the only ones that can move through the vents, which are the darker gray lines.