The Future of Seamoth games!!!

  1. Finish DoM (Will receive updates frequently)

  2. I have already released an early access version of Jello!

  3. Start making the (Currently) untitled survival game

Any thoughts are appreciated!!

Good to see that you are back on Flowlab!

Yeah @GalaxianGames (love the new username) it’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I start working on the games but I will be on the forums quite often :slight_smile:

This is Just a quick update.

Once I get my Seamothmaster45 account back I will ask to change my username to ramshacklegames @browngr @meburningslime @GalaxianGames @“The Kodex”


I’ll keep up-to-date on this forum! (=


He has returned

Happy to see you’re back and ready for action @seamothmaster45 … Place hasn’t been the same without you lately :slight_smile:

Yay! Congratulations! :smiley: