The GalacticoS update log!

Best of luck @soethan1 !

hey everyone,
I know ive been gone for a while, and theres really no excuse - i am being lazy.
however, due to the circumstances, i have decided i will continue GalacticoS development the next five days. after that i will still try to develop the game more, but i most likely will less and even less so when the school year starts.
but, GalacticoS IS in the works again! logan from the credits has agreed to make the music for the game and so far, in my opinion, its sounding pretty great. heres the link to the opening theme:

Can’t wait to see it! Unfortunately, the Admin Console won’t let me see it, but I’ll check it out sometime in the game! Good luck, huge fan of your game!

Im trying to make a jump animation, would making the character do a flip like in the vorgon ship every jump be a good idea?

I think that would get annoying for the player for that to happen each time. Maybe for a double jump?

maybe. should anything be changed with the cutscene after you install the tech into the vorgon ship?

I thought that one was pretty flawless

cool, thanks for the talk

whoever is reading this, what object(s) do you think need a graphical overhaul right now or would be nicer with better graphics?

Everything could be improved in ways, but I think most of the space ships could look better in the cut scenes. Also some of the planets and asteroids. One thing that stuck out was the scene where the beam captures the ship - it just doesn’t look right, and not as nice as it could.

But overall, I think you’ve done a great job with the graphics! Just some detail fixes, some smoother animations, and this’ll look great! Good luck!

Just thought id share my plans for the future:

currently a good friend of mine is making a new game cover. after that is done, i add a few more things and implement a cutscene ive had the idea for, then update 1.3 should be done.

update 1.4 will be potentially the last update for GalacticoS since i have an idea for an online game but i still need to think about it.
however the update will include:
-soundtracks for everything (logan has finished all the soundtracks!)
-sound effects
-a main menu
-new credits screen
-a slight scramble of the ending levels, some dialogue changes to fit it
-a boss fight at the very end of the game

as ive said before, new ideas would be greatly appreciated.

just wanted to share some info on ideas for the future, thanks for your time.

now that i think about it, the new game might just be added to galacticos as a “second mode”. time will tell.

Hey, I love your game GalacticOS but there is something that is a bit annoying, the first time I got to New Chicago I did not know you had to get a jetpack to get to the teleporter thingy. but then there wasn’t an arrow pointing to the jetpack. but if you jump while the player is touching a wall you can spam the jump button which will make you launch into the air which I did to go to the teleporter, but then I got teleported out of the space-time continuum. the way to fix it would be to change it so that it can only jump when touching the top of a block, instead of all 4 sides. oh, and could you make the levels a bit longer and harder? the Tessa structure is pretty hard but it should be longer as the rest of the levels should be too. and I absolutely love what you did to the new Chicago level where you can see flying aircrafts in the distance, you should put that kind of background detail in the other levels, maybe you should make the background in the Tessa structure a bit more interesting and techy, I think the floating cubes are cool but maybe you should put some other things as well. my favorite level is the Tessa structure and it would be amazing if you could make it longer and maybe you should add a part 2 of the Tessa structure where you go inside it or something, as you did in the New Chicago level and Zetta.

@“Dan studios” thank you for the feedback!

  • that is a good idea, I probably will add some arrows that point to the jet pack. However when I do things like make the player unable to jump besides when touching the ground weird stuff starts happening so I just like to stick with the default code.

  • my intention for the game in terms of difficulty is that it gets harder and harder as you move on. I mean, the ship escape level is super short and easy, but yowe omega is challenging. I have ideas for a new final level, so I dont intend to spend my time on the game making levels longer.

  • I love the flying aircraft effect too! I use it in zetta, and slightly moving trees and plants to make it look like a windy day. As cool as the effect is I cant find much other places to use it besides where it already is. For example yowe omega doesnt have any ships nearby or in the background so it wouldnt make sense to put ships in the background there.

  • I dont intend to extend the Tessa structure part, but now that I think of it I do have some ideas of effects that could work. Theyd take a lot of time though.

Again, thanks for the feedback!

No problem! I like your game and I would love to see it when it’s finished!

Thought Id clear up any confusion:
A good friend of mine is currently working on a new game cover for the game, which will be 5e last component of the graphics update. After that I plan on working on the rest of the content.

Ive fixed a few bugs and worked on the menu screen while condemning with my friends endless quest to not work on the cover art.
Also, please tell me in the GalacticoS feedback and questions ( ) if any bugs/errors are noticeable. Ive experienced several of them since revisiting the game to work on a main menu but Im unsure if everyone experiences them. Thank you!

a menu screen is almost done and my friend decided that he didnt want to photoshop up the new cover. unless i find a good photoshop artist (anyone is welcome if interested) i’ll probably just make the cover myself at a point soon. really happy with my new menu, though!

(1.3) galactic graphic update

This update completes the mission for new and better visuals and a few other small tweaks. Lots of visual effects and things added as well as a new game cover

MASSIVE thanks to @“JR 01” for making the game cover, with this out of the way I can finally begin working on the game again