The GAME 420 (New Enemy Visuals)

wwwwwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt No Glam rock!

Glam rock freddy

Sham rock freddy

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Just looked at the background of your profile :ok_hand:



Cool! We can discuss this further in The Glorious Off Topic Channel Of Destiny.

Ok, I’ll try that. I was going for a bizarre style for that track by the way.

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The @Ramshackle Update is now underway!

More updates will be posted soon. Right now, I have started:

  • Spacing out the enemies
  • Improving the art
  • Fixed the Bolt Laser; it no longer can be shot constantly by holding down spacebar.
  • Added a new NPC, he is also the player character of the next game and is also this game’s first villain NPC!
  • Made the metal more blueish in hue
  • Removing competitive local multiplayer in favor of cooperative
  • I plan on making the Green Goblin announce the legalization of marijuana (aka weed), thus triggering a violent response from Spider-Man in the free DLC.

FYI Ramshackle, there is a dash function you can use instead of sprint. I want to support multiple playstyles.


Oh no he legalized weed idk if that’s appropriate for flowlab

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Updates 2022-02-26

  • Added co-op play! Play locally on the same device with another person. The co-op player has some skins of characters already in the game, but also features new skins! By default, the co-op character (player 2) is Spartan Frederic 104. You will have to add the co-op player into the level yourself using the editor.
  • Added Blue Team Driver NPC
  • Added new background decor
  • Spread out some more enemies
  • Master Chief bot in the final level now uses an Assault Rifle instead of a Battle Rifle
  • Nerfed battle rifle and doubled cover wall strength

Updates 2022-02-28

  • Updated many more sprites
  • Added skins for the mouse cursor on the main menu
  • Added menu button customization (press 1, then R to reset)
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The @Ramshackle update has been completed!

Sorry it took so long everyone; I had school. Fun fact: Player 2 can still beat levels if Player 1 dies. Without further ado, here are the final changes for this update:

  • Added a tutorial! Let me know if there is any other part of the game you think should be added.
  • Added menu customization! It doesn’t save though because I don’t know how to do it. Press 1 to change the appearance of the buttons and press B to randomly select a mouse cursor skin.
  • You can now kill all NPCs! :smiling_imp: :scream: :angry: :rage: :triumph:
  • Velocity now sets to 0 when you stop moving.
  • You can no longer dash continuously.
  • Updated the loading screen! It looks way cooler now! I wonder what you think of it?

When is the weed legalization DLC coming out?

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Its been delayed until after the Cotton Game Jam.

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I have finally fixed a horrible bug! Thanks to @CodeAlpaca’s help, the main menu was fixed! Looking back on it now, I think I should have just kept it the old way with one song instead of 4 randomly-selected ones until I figured out how. Thanks again CodeAlpaca!


The weed legalization DLC has been cancelled (this is the problem with basing an entire story on one single meme). In the meantime, have this video meme showcasing some new footage of the enemies!

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The hot wind blowing
Jagged lines across the sand
The crumbling buildings
In our minds are all that stand

Just like the buffalo
Blindly following the herd
We try to justify
All the things that have occurred

I don’t know what I’ve been told
But the wishes of the people can’t be controlled
I don’t know what I’ve been told
But the wishes of the people can’t be controlled

Heat of the desert
Dust settles on my face
Without a compass
The soldier knows no disgrace

Out of the ashes
The eagle rises still
Freedom is calling
To all men who bend their will

Here I am
Dirty and faceless
Waiting to heed your instruction

On my own
Invisible warrior
I am a wind of destruction

All men who bend their will

We fight for justice
In a forgotten place
Fulfill our duty
Then vanish without a trace

Don’t need a medal
For all the men we kill
Freedom is calling
To all men who bend their will

Wind of destruction

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