The games are glitching out!

The priority timing is messed up, I think
In “Color quest”, when you die the game is frozen. The editor doesn’t open
In “Super Monkey Adventures”, collecting bananas doesn’t destroy them.


That’s the old engine

It’s probably has been rotting slowly and is unplayable by now

Thanks for the heads up @Luminous700

I played Color Quest a bunch and it seemed to be working fine for me, but I am definitely seeing a problem with Super Monkey Adventure. That’s super strange, I’ll check it out.

If anyone else can reproduce the problem with Color Quest, let me know. I would really like to fix the error if there is one, but I need to be able to see it first.

Ok, I looked into the Super Monkey Adventure game, and it looks like I must have messed it up myself when I playing around with it. Anyway, it’s fixed now, I just needed to select the monkey collision target.