The Genius Challenge!

Get your brain cells in top gear, people! Starting today, I will give you one month to make the most mind-blowing thing on flowlab! Absolutely no restrictions, so go crazy! Your game/project will be graded on three things:

  1. Mind-blowingness
  2. Code complexity
  3. Looks

Prize: a link to the beta of my new game: Fate!

Voting will be finalized the start of next month. May the best win!

(And, yes. Anyone can be in it. Including @TinkerSmith. Just remember that there are three categories here, so you still have a chance! :slightly_smiling_face:)



ok i cant


:0 IM IN :)))


Does short circuiting a player’s brain with utter stupidity count towards mind blowingness?

Does the code have to actually work, or just be unnecessarily complex?

Looks… like what? Looks good? Looks ugly? Looks like a hot mess? The latter two I think I’ve got covered.


All of it counts! Good luck!

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I might enter a game here :slight_smile:

Cool. Look forward to seeing your work!

This sounds fun, I think I’ll join if I can find time to make something.


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I’ll be participating in this.

Can’t wait to start!

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Start now, mate! Go, go, go!

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I’m only brainstorming… for a solid week or two, then I’ll develop it.

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I might produce a quick example for y’all. You know how I am with those examples :sunglasses:

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My immediate thoughts are, make it stupidly random, yeah that’ll work, lol.
:grimacing: :rofl:


My current plans are to make procedural generation. I’ve got most of it done already :slight_smile:


Oh come on!!! Every other contest on here has like 1 submission and they win by default. I decide to actually put some effort into one and suddenly 10 other talented people sign up?



Nah nah, I want to see your stuff. I’ve made a procedural generator before, so that’ll turn down the mind-blowingness a touch.


Mine isn’t a procedural generator. It’s a… well, I don’t even really know what it is. It’s kind of silly, but it has a lot of really unnecessary code and bizarre randomness to it… I mean heck, I’ve already got it nearly halfway finished, I might as well just finish it, even if it’s bad compared to everyone else’s.


It’s not just procedural generation, it’s a top-down rpg too.


But, I’m still playing around with the idea, it might not even be that.

Brainstorming and testing is the first step.

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I choose Gamougg 2 or 3 for the bosses’ bizarre behaviour (especially Baraka) because of potentially mind-blowing randomness.