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Those types of games require indie, XD.

I know, and I don’t have the money for that. XD

Most young user don’t. You could make a racing game, an explorer game, survival game etc. Look at the game tags to find an idea.

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Ok. . . Hang on I’ll be back after checking.

What do half of these tags mean?!?

They are game types. Users use them to tag and sort their games.

Go check out this topic if you want more information.

Yeah, I know that but. . . WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A “SHMUP” GAME!!

Shmup stands for shoot em’ up

But what is a “Shoot em’ up” game. I’m so confused.

I believe it is somewhat like an FPS.

basically a shooter.

Ok. . .
Yup, I still have no idea what game I would build.

Wow, now the OTC is dead. There was one post spree and then all was quiet.

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imm here now, whos on

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doing a thing with voxels, haven’t done any painting yet, the model itself is done tho

that looks sick asf great job

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oh no, here we go again

It’ll look way better when I paint it and make the render.

hhmmm a red vloxel style carather hmmmm