The Glorious Off Topic Channel of Destiny 3

@BradenS i caught you again!


I mean like, I’d love to play a campaign with you as the DM


realy? why? (im probaly the worst dm here) but okay, i will try

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Oh wait, now i thought about it a bit more, maybe i can be the dm

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We could continue Pug’s campaign.

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so are we doing your story?

(i only made a minos for that plot)

yeah! i’m planning something big for this session

Ok let’s head over to that topic then.

oh dang, can i finaly unleash my true power?

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idk, maybe…

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Who is supposedly my sequel but I am, technically, the “sequel” of? It is Ember, if so why?

he is just a insane as you

Ah. And why are we “insane”? It is because we are morbid sometimes?

you are planning a murder- i swear you are

Hey @BeesyBee have you seen my comic yet? If not heres the link to see it: Dead cells comic series! - #2 by JUSTPLAINOP


bro, let me make you a ad


I’m not self advertising, I thought @BeesyBee might be interested.

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