The Glorious Off Topic Channel of Destiny 5

I think so.

BTW is the OTC 5 ending at 10,000? Because it’s close.

Yes, you will have to provide your address to Grazer via email or phone… I think.

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Yeah, you do

When you submit a game, it’ll ask for your mailing address so if you do win, the prize will be shipped to your location. I think it’s mandatory or at least it used to be when submitting a game or else it won’t submit.


Posting a random meme for no reason #51
Screenshot 2024-07-03 9.33.46 AM


Wait, so do I have to enter the jam and export my game to it?

I hope so, because the boy’s restroom is like… I’d rather not say…

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How is everyone’s jam game coming along?


You think that’s sweating, then my team and I are probably going to need the ER from dehydration


My tutorial game almost done, anyways.

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Screenshot 2024-07-03 9.34.35 AM
Screenshot 2024-07-03 5.58.15 PM
Screenshot 2024-07-04 8.46.37 AM

@meburningslime I got ROR2 for the end of the summer sale, and I plan to go into it blind eventually, I know nothing about it other than it’s a roguelike and that’s why I picked it up.
I also got The Binding of Isaac and Dead Cells, I’ve played Isaac and. it’s really fun so far, and I can’t wait to go into Dead Cells blind as well because I’ve heard good things about it


Great! I don’t know where cloud went, but my private game is going well!

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Uhh… Those don’t mix. Wow, where’s you get Lloyd’s golden broadsword? The last set I got he had an oversized machete.

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That’s absolutely awesome. I love streaming both Risk of Rain and Dead Cells. @prismaticturtle and I played ror2 together the other day, let me know if you are interested in joining us! Dead cells is certainly a great traditional roguelite, but Risk of Rain is unmatched in quality and depth, both in gameplay and meaning, from its genre.


I have 3 objects made :sob:


that’s nice

Guys, can you guys help me test my game later? I want my game to join Flowjam.

My Lloyd is from the 2020 Ninjago Legacy Jungle Raider set 71700; in that set he comes with a then brand-new sword (piece number 25111). I don’t have any new Ninjago sets except for the Dragons Rising Cole polybag and the Core Jay’s Lightning Jet EVO.

The Spider-Man is an old Mega Bloks one from the Marvel 2-in-1 set released in 2008 (LEGO Spider-Man was 2002-2004, then 2012 to present, while Mega Bloks Spider-Man was 2004-2012, with 2012 only being the Amazing Spider-Man movie sets). His left arm comes from a Halo Mega Bloks brute from a Halo Wars Brute Prowler set from 2011, which I replaced Spider-Man’s arm with because it was loose or something. As a kid I mixed-and-matched my minifigures a lot, and after my first Duplo set that I got when I was Duplo-age, I never got any LEGO again until 2014 when I got the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Ultimate Spider-Man Spider-Trike (which isn’t really a trike technically because it has 4 wheels and trikes are supposed to have 3). In between that Duplo farmer set from around 2009 (rough guess) and the “Spider-Trike”, I only got Mega Bloks Halo, Power Rangers [Super] Samurai, Hot Wheels, and [Amazing] Spider-Man sets.

The Avengers was the first MCU movie to have LEGO sets, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2 sets were made by Mega Bloks (as well as Spider-Man 3 but that’s not part of the MCU).

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