The Graveyard is crashing?

After the flowlab loadscreen flash crashes and chrome asks me to refresh. I can’t play anymore.

I just tested it, and it’s crashing for me as well. The error is really strange - did you make an edit before it started crashing, or were you playing it only? Just curious to see where I should start looking.

Thanks for reporting.

I didn’t, I just wanted to play and it suddenly crashed. The last time I edited the game it worked perfectly.

Well, I’m not sure how it happened - but it looks like the bullet on the intro screen got set to layer 1,215,752,119. So basically the game was trying to add more than one billion layers, and running out of memory. Anyway, R.I.P infinite layers, I have them capped at 1000 layers now so that can’t happen.

Graveyard is fixed.

Aah yeah I wanted to check out the infinite layers

Thanks for fixing anyway