The gun kinda works

ummm so instead of rotating on the shoulder piece it rotating near the stomtach hahaha hehehe…ouch. all night oh well time for me to hit bed soon.

Then use an expression to add something to offset the players extracted position.

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ok thx galactian you really are a help

is it ok if i add you in my game, i want to add others too is it ok?

so i need a expression and player postion?

  1. You can’t if you DONT have indie.
  2. People can look at your game anyways. Flowlab’s open source and you can open a game and change the code around without effecting the published game.
  3. Not everyone wants to collab just to change some code around. They can easily give you an explanation or screenshot.

You can’t if you don’t have indie.


so i need indie??? or no i dont need it

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You need indie to be able to add people on a dev team so you can have multiple accounts to have access to a single game.

Although, someone with Indie can add free accounts on a dev team and still work together, its just that free users aren’t able to make or create dev teams, but they can join them.



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