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How do I use text-lists? They seem pretty useful… Yet I don’t know how to use them, :rofl:

I don’t know much about them either, but they act like numbers for the Label behavior, so you can input different texts into the same label. That’s about all I know, lol.


I see, that makes sense to me even with the brief description! Thanks for the help, this will be a lot of help with my game since I need a LOT of texts lol.

Yeah text lists are pretty new. I’m pretty sure that @JR_01 did a tutorial for them, though.

Text lists basically store a bunch of lines of text, or a filing cabinet that hold a bunch of data in files.

The hard hard part of explaining them are the input nodes, the two I use the most are the push and find nodes.

Push basically means to create a new line with whatever text you inputted.
Ex, you send the value “asdf” in the “Find” node, it’ll create a new line with the value asdf.

The “Find” node is a bit more complicated, it looks for a line of text and outputs the place of the line. If it dosn’t find anything it’ll output the value 0.
Ex, If you have a text list with the value “abc” “def” and “ghi” and you input the value “def” you get the number 2 because “def” was the second line of text.

Another useful feature is the “one” input node, if you give it a number it’ll find a file with that place.
Ex, if you have 5 lines of text with the values of A - E and send the value 3 it’ll get the value C because C was in the third line of text.

There are a lot more but these are just some basics, you’ll probably never use them unless you want to do something really complicated. The rest of the info can be found in the Behavior Handbook.


Alrighty, thanks.

ehhhh i have a problemo with my enemy movement…

What is it?

They dont move lol

let me check, what’s the object? (I already have the game link)

And what do you want the object to do?

i want it to move left and right, when it hits a wall to flip

I’ll fix it, but I AM going to explain a better way to make this.

Have a timer and make the timer repeat forever, (or if you only want it to happen so many times) and attach the output to a toggle on the flip. Should work.

Alright :slight_smile: thanks

Works now! (saved because I’m still on your dev. team)

:smiley: thanks so much

No problem.

post deleted

hheehhe yup mine says 19