Welcome to The List Of Champions!
Submit the link to your game in the comments, and I’ll play it. On June 10th, I’ll compile a list of all the games I’ve played from worst to best, with a brief description of my thoughts on the game. Can you make top 10? 5? Maybe even win the whole thing? Submit your game and find out!


  • Game must be submitted before June 1st
  • Game must be made by you
  • One entry per user

I can’t wait to see the entries!

Game of the Week Championship? What’s that? Just kidding, it’s fine @“Biscuit Butter” :lol: I might even submit, but I’ll be using that time limit well.

Can you submit a game then re-review it for a better score?

@“Johnny boy” I don’t review the games until June, and you can’t submit after that.
Also @rcreger , yeah it is kinda like yours. Since I’m practically done with reviewing I just wanted to do one last review. It’s only a one time thing. I can stop it if you want.

No, no, no, do not stop @“Biscuit Butter” ! I really like this, and will provide a much quicker and perhaps more enjoyable version of my Championship, which took a matter of months. I wish you luck, and I can’t wait to see this “LIST OF CHAMPIONS” of yours!

P.S., sorry it took me a while, spam block.

This has been cancelled :frowning:

The forums are just not as active any @“Biscuit Butter” :anguished: Sorry… I was making progress on what I was going to submit, but it would not have been enough for a list.

@rcreger There’s a new review thing I’m doing. Here it is >

W R O N G, S E C T I O N

Use general instead!