The Magma Manifesto (reviews)

post a game and I’ll just tell some positives, negatives, and give a total score outta 10

(name from Crigence)

“putting nice and constructive comments in a review changes whether the dev puts your review in” -Magma
(I know it’s a long quote but it’s a true quote)

You probably should’ve joined the review game earlier, man. People willing to have their games reviewed are getting rarer! even for the big guys!

Hey, I’ll try to get something in here @MagmaDude100 . I’ve got 2 games for you, so these should be able to occupy you till more come in. Here they are:

A Little Evil:

A Boy in Armor:

Thanks! And good luck with the review!

I’ll play them when I get home

All okay with me @MagmaDude100 !

Alright, @rcreger 's A Little Evil

I love a good old fashioned tough 2d platformer
I love doctor who
Having it get harder to get through each level is good,

but the last level felt easier than the first
lasers are annoying but thats just my own opinion

Final score: 8/10 in my opinion, it was a lot of fun

Recommendations: add a few more health packs to harder levels and make the last level challenging

@rcreger 's A boy in Armor

Flowlab bugged out with the last book and wouldn’t let me proceed so I didn’t get to finish it

I’m a sucker for fantasy things
The story hit home from a boy who was told he can’t to a boy saying he did
great background
awesome animations

that’s a lot of water
No collectibles to make me feel like I’m REALLY progressing, can you add coins or something to have people do something more than JUST following the story, I mean the books are cool, but are part of the story

Total score: 9/10 Awesome story

If you both want to and can, make this into a proper steam game on either Indie version of this or using Unity or UE4 (Unreal Engine 4)

My first game. Would like some feedback.

Thanks you for the review @MagmaDude100 ! You went pretty in depth, so I know you will be good at reviewing games! I wish you luck as more games come in! Thanks!


Just got done playing @“Biscuit Butter” 's Kid’s Quest

I love a challenging game because it makes you want to play it more
puzzles that require a specific mechanic that the game has
nice (8-bit?) art, it looked really good

not very responsive controls for jumping
opinion: some puzzles were TOO hard (opinion means that you don’t have to fix it but its recommended for new gamers)
opinion: not a very well developed story (once agin, you don’t HAVE to fix it)

Total Score: 8/10

note: i put an extra point to total score cause I’m not good at puzzle platformers

see if you can fix the jumping issue, if you can’t then it’s probably because I press the up arrow to much that it’s getting worn out

DRIVE by @“JR 01”

note: Chromebook is laggy

I like a lot of different genres and endless runner is one of them
Nice beginning showing of the company thing
Amazing original art style, I haven’t seen anything like it
I love how the loading screen shows hints

I can’t figure out what the bird patterns mean

Total score:

amazing, simple, and creative all of this make up an endless runner and this game has it

if you can make it less laggy for chromebooks (the only type of computer I can use in my house) then it will be a perfect 10

@MagmaDude100 Thanks for the review! I’ll try to fix the jumping issue and might change the story.

I added “wisps” to them, you can collect them, but I just need to make a nice looking GUI to show how many you got @MagmaDude100 . And, also, by the way, I really like your review format! This is a great start, so well done!

Thanks @MagmaDude100,
The bird patterns are the birds that in the sky that you can’t touch. There are 3 patterns but 1 is super rare.

When I finish the game, I may try to duliplicate it and take allot out to make it run easier for less powerful devices.

Might I remind people that I’m still open to reviews

what should I name this?

Magma Reviews? I guess it sounds a little lame…

The Magma Manifesto?

This review post has now changed to the Magma Manifesto (credit to @Crigence for the name)