The Magma Manifesto (reviews)

@Crigence is great at coming up with these discussion names :lol: This is the second one I’ve seen him make a great suggestion for one that was gratefully accepted!

I don’t know how you do it, but great work!

Well, now that this discussion finally has a name i’ll put it up on The Crigence Critique for you!

yay! thnx

Hi @MagmaDude100 Here’s Intestinal Fortitude for your reviewing pleasure. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Alright @todorrobot 's Intestinal Fortitude:

challenging is fun
nice artwork
interesting choice for vehicle but still cool
controls are responsive
nice concept

OPINION: Why the intestine?
A little too challenging

score: 9/10
It was actually hard to think of some negatives

Thanks @MagmaDude100 ! This is part of the larger Nina Nano game Im developing where you are the nanotech service person working inside the body of some dude. I had vague ideas for the intestine levels but decided on making it platform style once the Flowjam was announced. I was going to make a 2-legged mech walker but I was spending too long on the walk cycle and opted for wheels.

The level is challenging for sure. I can get through it bc ive had to play it a million times. I tried to add check points but couldnt figure it out in the time constraints so I added what I hoped was ample blood cell health power ups.

Thanks again for playing!!

Hey could yiu review my Terraria?

sure @meburningslime , could you send a link to it?

I would HIGHLY reccommend using html, unless you are either a god or have a lag-proof computer!

Alright @meburningslime 's Terraria V3.3

slow motion because of chromebook is both fun and recommended
I love terraria
I love flying by holding down the down arrow and spamming 1
At least you were original with the terrain

other than lag, my only issue with this game is that you don’t tell people what 1 and 2 do

The final score is: 9.5/10

This game was so much fun, I would prefer sandbox games over only objective games anytime because of the fun and the creativity that can happen

Thanks! Oh, and by the way, did you find the 3 floating islands? And did you get tovhardmode?

sadly no, didn’t know you had those in the game, so I guess the score should actually be (because of effort) 9.8/10

Well then, thanks! The game is massive, and another fun fact, I made this game BEFORE I had enough money to buy it!

Wow, thats actually very cool

@MagmaDude100 we really dont know what a bedtime schedule is, do we??


If you still are awake and listening to me blavbering, then finish the game! Lol thanks again!

A little hint: i hid my own secret boss in terraria, a literal easter egg! No, not lepus.

I just realized… just scroll down the recent discussions page, my face is everywhere!!!

Can you review my game? .3.
(it’s harder later on >:3 )