The Making of Porky's Nightmare

I am using Pixil Art to make the character models (link will be provided soon). Everything else is is pure Flowlab.

Oh @Superstargames same! Heres a link for my page bellow!

Wow @“The Kodex”, your drawings look nice! I don’t have an account there, but luckily I saved the pictures of the characters on my computer so I can edit them whenever I want.

Okay, so far the menu screen will blink once in a while and display these characters on-screen:
pixil-frame-0 (1)

looks amazing!

Thanka @Superstargames , The sprites look great!

Roxy and Ralph now have jumpscares and can kill you.


it would be really cool if you had sprites like sisters location where their face opens up

@XXD3G that is coming… In Porky’s Nightmare 4, so that’s a long way off.

And in case y’all are curious, Porky’s Nightmare will go all the way up to game #5, before moving on to new series based on the character and his crew.

oh Cool!

i bet itl be better than fnaf

the sprites i made for hamilton the hippo

do you like it?

Yup, I like it! I’ll add this to the game soon.


if u need anything else, ill be here! :slight_smile:

idk why the images arent working though

Hamilton will now jumpscare and kill you.
@XXD3G I made a few changes to your animation to make Hamilton a bit bigger and a little more 3D, but the overall action of Hamilton moving his jaw up and down is kept.

Also, I’d like to point out the behaviors of the animatronics. Even though it should be told to you in-game already, I thought I would elaborate a bit.

Roxy the Rhino: The first animatronic to depart from the stage, Roxy will traverse through the dining room (camera 2) before doing the same in front of your office. When she disappears from sight of the window, turn on the locks to block her. She will knock on the door to signal her leave. Failure to do so will cause her to burst the door open, give you a quick glare, and then slay you.

Ralph the Rooster: The second animatronic to depart from the stage, Ralph will appear near the vent (camera 3), before entering said vent. From there, he cannot be seen and his location can only be determined by the thudding noises in the ceiling. The louder the thudding, the closer he is to you. If you feel uncomfortable with his distance, turn on the locks to block him. The vent in camera 3 will close to signal his leave. Failure to do so will cause Ralph to jump out from the vents and slay you.

Hamilton the Hippo: The third animatronic to depart from the stage, Hamilton will slowly walk down the hallway (camera 4). And I mean it when I said “slow.” He may stand there for a while. However, if he appears standing directly in front of a door, turn on the locks to block him. He will knock on the door loudly to signal his leave. Failure to do so will cause Hamilton to smash through the door to your office and slay you.

Porky the Pig: Possibly the creepiest animatronic for his menacing glare in the cameras, Porky is the last to leave the stage. He will traverse through the corridor (camera 5) quite slowly (but not as slow as Hamilton), before dashing right into your office. If you see his footprints in the corridor, turn on the locks to block him. He will slam the door very hard to signal his leave. Failure to do so will cause Porky to enter the room. He will not kill you immediately, but instead will give you a bone-chilling death stare and mess with the technology in your room, causing hallucinations in the cameras and rapidly deplete your power. If your power supply ever runs out, either due to lock overuse or Porky’s presence, Porky will slay you.

Italics: Not added into the game yet.