The new website layout


It looks awesome and beautiful.

I love it. I love it. I love it.
Well done.

This is cool!

Maybe a setting for our games that let us theme our pages?

Hey, thanks @PixelPizza :slight_smile:

Glad you guys like it. I want to update the My Games as well, but this is a good start.

@CrimsonBlackGames - I was thinking about maybe a button to select between a couple of different background colors for your game page, is that what you had in mind?

Seasonal- can be used to match holiday themed games.

Classic- which was the original page

Dark- similar to original, but is a dark, almost black, grey

Advanced- the current one

And for subscibers: photo- which you can upload

Honestly thats too much themes…

Remeber when gmail had the themes… everyone was using it.
Existed some that changued with the time of the day… Like it was 3 illustrations same style and same everything just changued the position of things and the time of the day (morning, afternoon, night)

This could be the Seasonal but instead of Months it’s hours…
Instead of Illustrations we could make a pixel art thing.

Classic it’s kinda useless now. I think everyone prefers the “advanced” current one.

Dark it would be just a night theme like in every other site.

And the photo thingy… it would look like a blog, youtube (in old days), myspace or any other old social network… but it’s not a bad idea

I’m only on mobile rn but… flowlab’s out of beta? Congrats!
And I like the changes as well

I played around with a dark theme when I was working on the new site, and it actually looks pretty good, so I’m not opposed to having a dark/light theme switch. I think allowing a custom background image for subscribers might be a pretty good idea as well.

Please no themes (dark/light is okay). I also don’t like the idea with background colors. Most colors don’t fit with the header.

@Luminous who said it’s out of beta

@Latif3 the header would be translucent- a blurred portion of the background at the top- otherwise its just altered to complete the theme

My idea is- users change themes for their games page- no one else can change it (without it not saving)

This would make SB2/3 look better.

Pixel could have a background on awakening that matches the art style

Ditto for Latifs graveyard

For subscribers using photo: there WOULD be rules that are inforced- to avoid NSFW content taking over the site

We can also put nsfw stuff in our games \(?)/


Dark theme! (oh and a preview of my new game I guess)

Amazing new look!

It’s refreshing to the eyes.

Nah! Not like that… @Latif3

And about your game… Is it a death simulator? I did something alike in the begining… It was called death room I gues… It was funny for a week then I deleted it xD

@Latif3 how the heck did you do that?

@PixelPizza What do you mean then? Also, the game is just a level editor lol.

@CrimsonBlackGames I just opened developer tools (f12) and edited the page. I know html/css. When I refresh all my changes are gone of course lol.


where did you learn HTML and CSS?
I learned a bit but I can hardly remember anything

Maybe we can make vertical banners for our account pages?