The Off-Topic Channel

Well… I’ve noticed quite the abundance of posts that are unrelated to flowlab, so I’ve decided to give this a try

This is an off-topic thread, if you want to talk about something unrelated to flowlab, this is the place. Don’t make a new topic, just chat here instead, this might keep the forums a lot cleaner.

am I rambling again? sorry, but hopefully yall get the point


potato chips that are not related to flowlab in any way go here

I appreciate what your trying to do, but how about we just don’t post things unrelated to flowlab? crazy right!

Eh, some people just decide they want to talk to members of the flowlab forums, on the flowlab forums I guess… Well hopefully this will solve the rest of the problem… hopefully

jniberbreberbrbfrefberfbrb. just want to do something random

hi. I just want to say hi. Hi.

Yea. i dont know what im saying

IMO, this is better than random things in random threads. We could also ask people to check out games here that get shoved down in the forums, but not having to particularly discuss the game.

Just a thought, you guys do you:)

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Yup, this is just a random discussion channel, so who knows what will come up? Nice place to advertise games I guess

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wh- what is this?
chicken nugget emotes?

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Or You Can Just Message The People You Want To Talk To

  • Type Nothing-To-Do With-Flowlab Dis Here
  • Message People Instead

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idk what either mean, so i just picked randomly ._.

(1) Write Nothing To Do With Flowlab Discussions Here

(2) Message Nothing To Do With Flowlab Discussions To People That You Want To Talk To