The Original Glorious Off Topic Channel Of Destiny

says you, self hater. show me when we iz done with this moosic.

the 2-3 songs ive made have literally been a few seconds long with only a few lines and no instrumental. too short is a small sign of a red flag but no instrumental is a giant red flag that the music is bad. This time I have actual evidence to back it up.
Besides,the songs on bandlab i made were complete messes.

Just thought of this, but it’s so sad when flowlabbers suddenly disappear

Hihilogic vanished without a trace
Chrisdakiller disappeared
LoneSable left us alone

I feel like this is the hunger games and the names are flashing in the sky

): yeah

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it’s worse when you hated them and then you realise they arent actually that bad of a perso after they left and it turns out that you’re actually a super moody person (speaking frm experience)

I actually remixed some of @hihilogic 's songs, I am so mad, I wanted him to see it, he made the best shiz, if you are interested in seeing my…older music and his remixed songs by me feel free :)- R-G Studios Music - Art, Sounds, and Music - Flowlab Community

still dark

hey @CodeAlpaca can you make it to where the missles face the direction you shoot 'em
at? if so please send screenshot.(Right-click:shoot Z:toggle missle-mode)
link for @codeAlpaca ONLY

Couldn’t you just have made a topic for this? then again this is the otc so theres basically free will

if that’s dark then i’m having a very dark childhood

he saw @CodeAlpaca and realized he is a good coder,.

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yup, you cant blame me for being off topic on the off topic channel

yeah i cant really judge you

blames anyway MUAHAHAAHAHaAA

yup. his name litteraly a “code” in it.

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but you are gamemaster, master of games, why would you need help -/-

codealpaca is the master of code,gamemaster is simply just the master of g a m i n g

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In the gun

In the missile


code alpaca just suggests that he is either a alpaca good at coding, or a digital alpaca.

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you cant do that because…

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