The position block isnt working

I am working on a horror game and I was trying to make the player telelport to a position when a lever is flicked, but the position block is teleporting the player at 0,0 instead of 33,8.Can someone help?
Flowlab Game Creator - SeaTime PlayWay

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Where do you want the player to teleport to? Like what block? No wait sorry you have it up there. So it looks like you have the position on pixels instead of grid and your x and y might need to be swapped.

Do you mean your making a horror game and you go all the way out of the screen or it’s teleporting just in its place?

Oh, i see what you mean, teleporting to the same position, that happend to me once, it’s definetly a flowlab behavior glitch, and to fix it, I think You neef to swap value positions for the x and y. If that dos’ent work, ask Ken what the problem is or, it is an automatic sudden glitch. This probably happens because when the position numeber of the behaviors is’nt accurate for the pixel movment in sprites. +, the movement block can only work in interface layers if the beggining behavior allows the position if you dont have the value for the position block. And by the way, any position blocks that dosent show values in the behaviors in game world layers, will work for their position maybe, and you may need to change your position by swaping. This is a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy anoying glitch that caused to me.