The Rakeyard!!

Sorry Latif… (Updates To Game Comming Soon!)

@pixelknife3 meh Latif is dead

hes in the flowjam server @meburningslime

had a conversation with him a couple days ago

@glithctyrus he hasn’t appeared on any main discussions for years.

latif commented on one of my discussions a few days ago.

So much better than the original game, great job!! :grin:

@Latif have you just been avoiding me for the last 3 years?!?!

Wow, My Game Sucks

I Haven’t Even Made Multiplayer Yet.

Not Even Half Way Finished. So… Latif’s “The Graveyard” Is Much, Much, Better.


By The Way, There is 3 The Rakeyards All Made By A Mistake All By Me…

latif… when will you make a shop in the Graveyard 2?

I asked grazer for a way to store arrays in save blocks but he hasn’t implemented it yet. So it might take a few years :slight_smile:

@latif I’m Still Making My Shop, That’s Why You Don’t See It On The Menu Screen.

Oh And @latif You You Use A Website To Get Your Spirits Or Do You Hand Make Them? I Think I Might Just Stick To Playing Your Games.

@pixelknife3 No websites, I made all sprites myself.

I have a little experience with graphic design. So I’m not good but I’m definitely able to make a decent/polished looking game.

Oh, Ok. I always Liked playing Your Games.