The Real World: ?Unknown?

the old generation…their fathers, their mothers some went to war, some stayed, some became desperate for money or for other things as for the younger generation, so much technlogy but yet such a narrow mind…fantasty roams everywhere…thats what failure always appears most of the time…
The real world…so hard…so miserable…only the rich survive

This game is different, there nothing excited about it, its just different, maybe it will teach you something, something so sad…


i can already predict the story of this game, i don’t mean to discourage you but it’s just… idk? predictable?
and because it’s done in flowlab i think it won’t turn out especially good, again i don’t mean to discourage you, i’m just saying my thoughts

I disagree, I am very intrigued with what Unknown has planned. It sounds like a dystopian-themed game, and if not at least one with a moody tone. Those kinds of games always grab my attention.
And just because the game is built with Flowlab doesn’t mean it won’t turn out good. Just look at any game in the featured section and you’ll see the potential we all have here.


my main problem is that it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything new

yes, but that’s only the few great games, it’s kinda like saying that every song made with a guitar is good after only listening to the best songs ever

That’s true, but my point was that you seemed to be making an equally incorrect inference.

You said this:

Which implies that you think the game will not be good simply because it was built with Flowlab. This is not true, and the reason why I pointed towards the featured page as proof is because it is an example of really good games that were built with Flowlab. They don’t necessarily set an example for all games of Flowlab (there are quite a number of “bad” Flowlab games), but they show that not all Flowlab games are bad.

Therefore, what I’m saying is that your assumption that this new game will turn out not good “because it’s done in Flowlab” is a flawed one.

I’m not trying to discredit your opinion, I’m telling you why I disagree with you, and why your logic of “because it’s done in Flowlab I think it won’t turn out especially good” is flawed.

Well that’s depressing, I don’t make very popular games but I try my best and come up with pretty interesting games I believe.

Ok well you’re just going off what they said up there, most game devs don’t like giving a lot of info on games they are developing since their idea might get stolen and used as their own. Also most of the time games devs are inspired by something they’ve seen or played before, but with their own twist. For example Stray is a dystopian game but you play as a cat(their twist) probably got inspiration from the games(or movies/books) that came before it in the same genre.

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Ok sry, i was just saying my thoughts from what you revealed about it

It just felt like you were hyping up this super big thing


What does this mean?

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Dystopian settings or themes in stories usually mean when the world is in ruins, or when there is great suffering/injustice. Basically when there is a significant decline in society.

Imagine a world where a zombie apocalypse leaves only a few million people alive and healthy, and they struggle to survive against waves of zombie attacks. That could be an example of dystopia.

Or another world where nuclear war kills off humanity, leaving AI robots to take their place and struggle to create a similar society. That could also be an example of dystopia.

Also, they don’t always have to be end-of-the-world scenarios. A world where people are ruled by a cruel and unjust dictator that gives nothing but suffering to their people could be considered a dystopia.


I see you know so much about the story what is it then puginarug?

left 4 dead, worldz etc.

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there is a game called stray
that has a very similar story

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Ay we mentioned the same game


There haven’t been any news from me
patience is key, the game will be done very soon
not a while more


cool, seems like progress is going well

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Hello Everyone
It has been a while has it…
Well I have something to tell you…
The game has new updates
These updates…add harshness to the game
The game is almost out…
so soon…


My mind was not ready
but proof is what i needed
here is what i need to show

Yes?! What is it?
This man wants to join the army
Great bring him in!
sir…he only has one eye…
it’s ok…becuase if he dies then we will replace him
but sir…
move or your fired!!!
Yes sir
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 7.51.30 PM
This man…he was not the most likeable guy in the army… war coming at all corners in the 20 century, but they took him in…and give him a gun…


@MetaNinja @puginarug @Pixel_Name1


A Way I found to reduce the use of sprites is messaging and proximity…By using this I was able to create this. When the player is close enough and animation is played or mouse clicked then it would sent a message to the blocks and they would get destroyed. Without the proximity the character would be able to click anywhere and the wall would destroy. Without the message the act of destroy wouldnt act.
Screenshot 2022-10-17 10.06.02 AM
On clicked, message hello will get sent to the wall object
Screenshot 2022-10-17 10.05.39 AM
If the proximity and the message is detected together then it would be sent down and destroy the object.

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ooo this looks fun cant wait to see the game!