The repeat function

Whether you know about it or not im (still) working on a flowlab project called “Story of eastern dreams”. I’m near completion but there is one thing that would really help. I’ve always wanted to use the repeat function but never understood it in depth. Every time i tried using it it wouldn’t work. For those intrested in how i used it, i basically used it as almost a variable so basically the number inside the repeat function repeats the previous set of command untill it’s added up. What i’d really be glad to know is how the repeat function fully works. The flowlab guides for each use of a block is userful however it doesn’t explain it in depth enough for me to use it to it’s desired potential. If theres anyone out there that can fully xplain this i would be glad. Thanks in advance

Basically, it sends out a number of outputs, all in a single frame. Meaning all at once

Well yeah but how do i do it. I recently found out that you need to use a number pattern and that it does work like a variable. Without the number block though it won’t work as rather than the commands goinging to the repeat function moving up by one every time, you have to plus one in to the total value. Im still stuck on one problem. I wan’t to make it so theres a timer after it repeats which makes the whole section of command wait however long i set the timer to before it restarts the loop. If it is possible and you or any other that see this comment find a way could you please tell me how. Thanks in advance.