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I would ask the Ceramic Skull, How would it describe itself?


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You were placed before Subject: 009 in a small room that was divided by a fiberglass window. Your room was quite small and was only fitted with a two way audio communicator and a chair. You took a seat and saw the full grey walls and you can feel his presence. Subject: 009 was located on the other side of the divider. The room was completely black with the lack of any light, but you can see the faint glow of that ceramic mask and the red piercing eyes.
He didn’t seem to be hostile and a slight steam bellowed from the chair he sat on, but the black ooze wasn’t strong enough to melt it at that time being.

You asked, “How would you describe itself?” Looking down at the clipboard with an empty section on the bottom to note any response.

Subject: 009 shifted and seemed to be thinking.
“Different”. He spoke. His voice sounded deep and somewhat gargled like he was under water. The black acidic ooze continued all about his body, but never melted off of him, always kept the same physical humanoid form.
“Most of the creatures you hunt are all creations of a more superior being.” He paused for a bit while you continued to listen.
“I would consider myself different from them. I’m not from this ‘false deity’s’ hands, but I used to be from a lineage of soldiers. New Caben is what they call it now. I couldn’t tell you why I killed so many of them. So many of my own brethren. Something or perhaps, someone put those thoughts into my head. Now what used to be my friends are always around, I can feel them, looking for me.”
After his message he seemed to start shifting more frequently and you can see his face disappear behind the black ooze. He was holding his own head as if fighting the urge of something. Only a faint mumble could be heard as Subject: 009 shook his head that were still in his hands and for a second, you saw his eyes change to a purple hue.
The door behind you opened and a SCU guard walked into the room which seemed to anger Subject: 009. He stopped his animation and seemed to stare straight at the guard as he walked in to collect you. He didn’t move or show any more signs of sentience after that. You were then asked to leave and report your findings to the Overseer.


Yes I am. You should see my milanotes…It’s full with Sceper Foundation facts and theories…


@ManiacPumpkin what if you had a game that was just a computer terminal with different folders
and you could click on… for example File/doc.007 and learn about entity 007 and you could learn
some lore on stuff?

Entity idea:
The infinite computer:
The infinite computer is a old school computer with no circrutry and infinite storage space allowing it to hold infinite
data. There are fourteen known instances of the entity 13 of them are currently in custody of the scepter foudation due to the data holding properties of the infinite computer they are often used to store data for the scepter foundation. However, no data can be deleted on these entitys including search history, a few employees at site 012 have notice searches for… a certan website.
the 14th infinite computer is currently owned by a gamer out in san-francisco when asked to hand
over the entity the game claimed; “Nah bruh no way im giving ma boi (the computer) away I mean jjust look at da frame rate on this thing!” everyone agrees the infinite computers all have totaly EPIC frame rates and AWSOME video quality.

(I spent a good 20 minuts writing all this)


I never thought of having an entire game as an archive, but at some point I wanted to add terminals you can access in game that use the same mechanics.

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I wasn’t for sure if it was you who did this, but someone a while back suggested this same very thing. I’m pretty sure it was you if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway I’ve actually been considering this entity since it’s not a bad idea.

yeah that was me, but this is more updated version


I’m currently writing my full fledge novel over Justin Hawk and basically his very interesting life over the series.

I’m unsure what to call the story since The Wystan Program took place between 2013-2014 and this story is actually a few years later.

Also it will be present right before the Site: 012 Incident so Subject: 009 might actually have an appearance in the story as well.

Along with Orion, The Magician and many new members of the New Caben missionaries.

The beginning it portrayed Justin Hawk under the identity of Jerold Beckett which was a commander of an SCU squad which failed trying to terminate Justin Hawk when the Wystan Program was shut down.
Justin killed this commander and took his ID to carry the guilt that built inside of him, only to injure his head during an escape and teleporting away before he could perish. When he awoke he had lost his memory except for the ID card which he assumed was him. Under the name of Jerold Beckett, he pursues further counseling as a Scepter Rehabilitation Center which was a Scepter Facility to help the public good from Subject encounters.

Most of the guards are kept anonymous so they don’t have an exact file for Jerold Beckett but a basic ID form. So Justin passed as a veteran and got free treatment without even knowing they were his enemies. Justin also wasn’t kept on file since he was apart of the Wystan Trials, Site: 006 burned his record from the Foundation and technically he don’t exist. Which was apart of the conditions he dealt with agreeing to volunteer.

He spent a couple years in rehabilitation where the Foundation wanted Jerold Beckett to remember that incident for further knowledge on Subject: A-10-326 (I forgot the exact serial for Justin). After years of sessions and trying to remember the incident, Justin had relived a vision that appeared in his dreams that was the same very night he escaped the Foundation. Which played over and over every night, slowly revealing new details each time.
When Mr. Lawrence (Overseer Johnathon Lawrence) interviewed Jerold Beckett during a session he mentioned the name Justin Hawk and the name alone returned all of his memories. Immediately realizing his situation, he fled the facility and ended up accidentally teleporting to North Dakota after more conflict arose. He has the ability to warp as fast as light since darkness is technically faster than light, but can’t exist without it. So In short terms, he teleported.
In North Dakota he starts will eventually meet the first of the New Caben missionaries and learns more on the Foremakers and why the Foremaker of Darkness chose him as a successor. Then goes on to kill the Foremaker of light with the help of Spiratus, the Foremaker of dreams which transported him off world through the help of ascension. So only spiritually did he ever leave.

After he teleported, it’s all just ideas at the moment. I’m still working out the majority of the story. It may sound a bit cheesy, but I wrote this bad summary in a few minutes so it’s not exactly spot on, but you get the idea. I hope to include more of the Foundation theme into it other than just cosmic wars.


angry animal ghost entity

The interviews is still open if anyone wants to ask any current entity a question.


Dr. K. Ester was a genius of his world, although he was from a timeline where Subject: 000 had actually succeeded, destroying everything.

As Earth collapsed and a void began dissolving the entirety of the universe, Dr. K. Ester spent his last few years left on the dying Earth to create Subject: 010. The Foremakers had all perished and nothing was left to save. But he made the machine in hopes humanity will find it of use way before his existence. Ester then managed to seal Subject: 010 and shift it earlier on the timeline when humanity still existed.

By doing this action and hopefully undoing the mistakes of the past, Dr. K. Ester had never existed. He have up everything to hopefully allow humans to fight back against chaos.


Question for the Suffering Man, “Do you remember being a child?”
I know you mention he thought he was a WW2 (I think) soldier, but I’m not sure if you said anything about his past in the document


I’m currently at work, so I won’t be able to get to it until tonight sadly.