The Scepter Foundation - Site: 012 Incident

I forgot about them to be honest, lol.

It’s a similar idea, but I was wanting something more organic. Plus I feel fungi make for better zombies like entities since it also decomposes organic matter.

Plus it allows for it to control droids as well.


I have yet another idea. It’s an anti-group towards the Scepter Foundation. Entities aren’t their only enemies. This giant novel also explains new content as well.

I’m not sure why I decided to censor this, but since it’s around the idea of a demonic cult, I figured it would be best to make a censor of it. This is just strictly for plot purposes. Then again, a lot of you came into this knowing it’s probably not gonna be no PG game either.

Readers Discretion Advised

This group is called the Other Side, they are a religious cult that worship the fracture that brings these entities into our world. Most of them are twisted individuals who either have suffered from the foundations choices (casualties of war) or simply choose to worship a physical example of another world, thinking it would bring them eternal life.

Some have been killed by entities despite their following, but they believe that it’s all apart of the plan, to rid the world of the sin that’s within every being. Some believe it’s judgement.

These devote followers have managed to transcend their physical forms and have found ways to bend their mind with the fracture and have gained minor abilities without the use of Subject: 010 or other tools to properly harness the radiational power.

Although their abilities tend to be minor, only ranking them through cautious to Sub-2 on rare occasions. Some of these abilities allow physical defects such as traits of demons and other demonic beings. Allowing wings, horns, tails, goat legs, etc for these followers to take upon. Although it seems to cause major health problems and some are vulnerable to diseases, minor force, and mostly making their body weak. Some have experienced organ failure weeks after transforming.
Some true leaders managed to obtain Sub-2 abilities without any sign of disadvantage. Making this group dangerous.
The foundation have captured hundreds of these members, but thousands still remain.

They worship a physical figure whose name is unknown, but the symbol they bear is a red zero. Many of the foundation personnel don’t know what physical entity it is they follow, but the Overseers know it’s somehow related to Subject: 000.

This group has brought upon many breaches before, causing a majority to be killed in the process the no entities escaping. The Site: 04 Incident was caused by a cult leader under the name Eternal who possessed an unknown ability. They easily dominated Site: 04 security and task force and released many minor subjects and contained prisoners. Most of the guards were charred where their body was intact, but all that’s left was an eyeless skull behind their helmets, with the number 0 burned onto the lens or cranium.

The foundation found no other traces of the incident and couldn’t find either the entities or the members of the cult since then. Attacks strike every now and then on containment convoys and occasional observation missions. But these attacks seem to be well coordinated as if they knew when these convoys took place.

It almost seems that they are in possession of entity known as Subject: [undocumented]. An infinity dial. Unlike the Century glass which allows the user to witness events in the past, the Infinity Dial allows the user to witness events in the future as far as until the end of time. Although the farther you look into the future the more your mind starts to decay. Back when it was under the foundations ownership, a prison victim used the device to witness an event that would take place a few hundred centuries after present day. His mind soon decayed and lost all motor functions within seconds. They ended up dying hours later with organ failure. The foundation never got an answer, even the dream walker Mk II wouldn’t allow a person to visit the memories of the victim.

With this item in the cults possession, it makes planning assaults or ever finding them impossible. Making them the second most powerful threat to the Foundation.

Some entities choose to be apart of this group and actually partake in its practices while others simply lack the sentience to make of a religion and just kill the members without hesitation. (Or anyone else).

Their true intentions are to find the true creator of the other world and follow them eternally. They claim that most humans are poisoned by sin and that The Other Side is pure.

Although the entities don’t kill for that reason. It’s a much more historical ideal. Not for the fate of reviving the world, since some can turn it into a sun.

Currently, the entities from the fracture don’t have any intentions on why they came here or what their purpose is. Some choose to help, while others choose to freely do evil without thought. Which goes into a Dr. [redacted] theory of many. Which explains that the fracture is a rift between many colliding worlds of war that allow each darkest intent to form into a physical or physiological entity that roams our world. The theory even thinks of the idea that we have also released our own entities into theirs. A forever conflict.

I could keep going on, ranting more and more in new and random stuff, but it’s probably best I give my fingers a rest from the mass amounts of typing, lol. I could add some of this to the new game, if I finish adding the essentials first.

Also I would like to thank everyone for the 2k likes on this discussion. I didn’t think it would get this popular, but this project and discussion has been going on for some time now. I will eventually continue back on the game at some point and hopefully release the first version by the end of this year.


So much lore, so little time.


It’s finally time. Our 5th overseer has been official elected upon the council. With the termination of Wystan, there are only four remaining members now. Currently striving for 7.
George Hast, member of a subgroup of the foundation known as the Termination Sect. This group believes in the idea that all foreign anomalies and entities should be terminated at all costs. While the Foundation believes that they should be studied to find better weapons to defend, protect, and harness these entities. With leaders of multiple sects within the foundation creates a more stronger council with many biased views on decisions and political options that the foundation are faced with. The current 6th overseer and 5th active member is currently in trial.

The foundation sought out a treaty with many nations for consent of using their country as locations for new sites and the authority to contain entities on their lands. So far over 43 different countries and nations have signed to allow the Scepter Foundation to protect their public citizens from the dangers of the other world.

Site: 19 is currently in construction to be the next largest site. It’s currently located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, exact located redacted.

It’s being built around a new strange phenomenon that is caused by an unknown source. The site is to be a holding cell for many dangerous and possible Sub-3 entities. It’s main features will be to study the strange reality warping abilities near that area along with finding more data on Subject: 003.

Just felt like dropping some new lore. This might lead to a new future game on Site: 19.


You essentially made my day, thank you.

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Subject: 021, Moon-wanders.

Official documented name.


Bro Susdowner :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Subject: (Undocumented)-A

The Sea Lord

This entity is an absolute behemoth of a battleship that approximates almost 400 meters in length. Larger than the current constructed battleship of Japan, The Yamato, which measures 256 meters.

This ship has an unknown crew and alliance. Any sort of aircraft or ship gets immediately gun downed by the insane artillery this ship possesses. It belongs to no nation and traverses the open oceans and eventually finds its way into foreign waters, but no damage has ever been reported on it. Missiles or torpedos end up off the radar moments before arriving within proximity of the ship and no recording has been placed. The artillery is enough to snipe any water or air craft that’s barely visible to the naked eye, which this ship has never been seen in person, but by satellite images.

This ghost ship never ports and has been out in the ocean since it’s mysterious arrival in 2015. No crew has ever been spotted on the deck or any sort of life aboard. The ship appears to belong to no current nation of the world and is unstoppable with our current technology.

The Foundation issued a warning regarding this ship and publicly updates the ships location for all nations to avoid. The ship doesn’t get near land or any islands. It’s super hostile to any sort of vehicle, but there’s no evidence of it attacking divers or citizens alone, but the odds of swimming all the way within range without the help of boat or aircraft would be challenging.

Submarines have been used to detect the ship as well, but soon get removed off the radar once within range.

This entity is classed as a Sub-2 entity since it poses no threat to human extinction, but only military water and aircraft within range of its artillery.


I finally got around to adding Material to the game.
Original Concept by @Deadly_Smile

This entity takes form into random objects that can be found within the facility. He randomly spawns in offices and will have a similar quicktime event while also choking you. I need to replace it so that you don’t take physical damage, but slowly lose your breath while being choked. But I’ll switch that over later.

The animations are a bit goofy since I just slapped them together to see how the code would work and it works, but it’s not up to my own standards.

After this small update, I will eventually work on The Blood Knight, Concept by @DWGAMEMASTER. I have the sprite worked out, but I need to make a ton of animations and code so the armor don’t overlay with the hazmat suit or gas mask. And also adding the cooldown and damage meter on the armor so you can only wear it for a limited time before taking damage and losing control of your motor functions.

Also I’m still down for ideas for different entities if anyone has any. Sadly, not all entities will most likely be chosen, but if an idea fits well with the game and can be utilized, I will add it.
I just reached up to 22 total different entities, but that’s around 50 if you’re considering the different variations. My goal is to reach a total of 50 different entities, not including variations.


Just a fun poll to see whose all active on here.

Would you have volunteered for the Wystan Trials knowing full well of the consequences?
The Wystan Trials was a series of tests that was conducted on Subject: 010 and utilized its ability to enhance the human form into abnormal beings. The abilities ranged from Safe class up to Sub-3.
No harm is administered upon the users and their ability is gifted at random.

  • Sure, why not
  • Heck no

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I’m gonna leave out the part where Overseer, Earl Wystan, hosted these trials behind the Foundations back making this a very illegal and dangerous plan. Once the foundation saw what happened, they initiated a termination of all staff and victims who were apart it.


Subject: 064, Sexist Ninja
The Sexist Ninja is the most offensively misogynistic creature alive. He will try to turn your presumably male character into a female just to get an excuse to stealth kill you. He may also have a random chance of finding a hostile male entity (if it has escaped its cell in the Foundation) and do the same to it.

Is this idea too offensive or ridiculous?

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Well, I wouldn’t be opposed of it since entities do have their reason for hunting and killing of humans, but I don’t quite think it would fit.

As a fellow storywriter, I don’t think the idea of a Ninja turning Males into Females just for a reason to kill them would hit the shelves real well.


There are many entities who possess masculine traits, but don’t have any reproduction systems, since they were simply created. Unless it was a human volenteer for the Wystan Trials or Subject: 001 (Who could have possibly been apart of Subject: 010 at some point) then they are simply beings, mere entities in the void of creation. Pawns one would say.


Understandable, have a great day.

Subject: 097, Ageist Samurai
The Ageist Samurai is a powerful and honorable 27-year-old foe seeking to die in honorable combat. Much like the celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio, he will dump any and all relationship partners of his once they turn 26 years old. He is willing to date anyone between the ages of 18-25. If he successfully dates the player, he will assist and defend them at all costs. But at the birthday scene in the good ending, the player could turn 26 and the Ageist Samurai could ditch them because of it. After this a bonus level would start and the Ageist Samurai could duel the player to the death.

Subject: 087, The Biting Bear
The Biting Bear is the most dangerous bear in the world. Born on Friday, January 13, 1984, (the same day and year as Gamougg) The Biting Bear bit someone so hard that the victim started biting other people and causing brain infections that force people to start hibernating and doing other bear things, as well as biting people. If this bear bites you in-game, you will immediately go on a rampage, biting any entity you see other than the Biting Bear. If you bite certain entities, you will die, so The Biting Bear will have killed you by proxy.

Subject: 074, Gund Mund Nung Bund
Gund Mund Nung Bund is a guy who’s too good to be given the death penalty or jailed for life, but too evil to stop being consistently arrested for indecent exposure. He is also very fond of guns and claims to have never killed or hurt anyone with them (except for when he accidentally loaded expired milk into a water gun and fired it on his friend by accident). A rather harmless entity for the most part. In-game, he will obviously be covered up by black rectangles and will force you to play Russian Roulette with him upon sight. If he wins Russian Roulette, he gives you two choices: accept his philosophy and play with dart guns naked or die. If you win Russian Roulette, he will never bother you again (or randomly become your ally).


Subject: (Undocumented)
Fragments of home

This entity first appeared near the frozen wasteland of Siberia where the entire form appeared to be that of a house. This house-like entity was different for everyone who laid eyes upon it, showing the house most of the viewers that they had sentimental value to or remember growing up in.
The house is fractured into multiple pieces that seem to float around the core, which appears to be the living room from those who seen it. The fragments seem to be pieces of rooms and walls that were apart of the architecture.
Sentimental objects such as old toys, drawings, pictures, and other items littered the floating debris or the living room of the house.
Those who grew up in broken homes or came from a poor childhood envisioned the house in fragments and very few was able to see a sturdy house in a single piece.

Some sort of aura or field prevents anyone from entering or exploring the remnants of the house and there’s no way of telling of what the house looks like for each viewer. Any photography only shows a blank canvas of the snowy terrain. Many viewers were asked to draw the house they saw by memory and most of them were soon depressed or too mentally shocked to revision what they witness.
Site: 016 was soon constructed around this entity and studies it’s behavior. No abnormal effects have been found from anyone within range, but those who view the house for long durations have strong emotional feelings from their past that they had forgot.
Those who do view this entity seem to gain meaning in their lives and some agent volunteers left the foundation to be with their families.

This entity is a psychological memory for those who view upon the structure and it appears to have no harmful purpose other than reminding where the viewer their forgotten past.
Viewers who show poor behavior or hate towards many others have experiences guilt and turn themselves around. Others become mentally sounds and some volunteers who suffered from minor mental illness have been cured.
The Foundation seeks an answer behind this strange psychological phenomenon, but has no harm on any viewer so it’s been used to cure depressed, stress, or mentally effected agents and employees within the Foundation.


A while back ago I wanted to create a Fnaf fan game called Joes Alley where it was basically a fnaf-like establishment with animatronics, but takes place in a bowling alley.
It featured a range of custom characters and even had an entire history of the manager and such.

As for now, I don’t plan on making a fnaf game at this point, but since I own the Scepter Foundation and the horrors it possesses, it would take much to make the entire bowling alley an entity.


Another simple idea, not for sure yet.

Subject: (Undocumented)
Dungeon’s Dice

This entity appears to be a basic 20 sides dices that consists of numbers ranging from 1 through 20. When rolling the dice normally, nothing is effected. When the user asked for a skill set, such as strength, stealth, etc, and then the dice is rolled, the number will determine the effect.

One agent asked for Stealth and rolled an 18. Soon the dice granted that user the ability to become completely invisible for a short duration.
Another asked for strength and rolled a 1 which appeared to be the lowest number possible. The user immediately gained muscle decay and became ultimately weak to the point of death, but after a short while, they eventually returned back to their normal health.

This item grants abilities to the users wish, but the number that is rolled determines how effective that skill set will be enhanced for the situation.

So far, no user has been killed by it, so a few users decided to play a dungeons and dragons game with it. After a very eventful gameplay the Foundation soon restricted the entity from being used freely and is strictly for scheduled tests only.
@meburningslime you might like this entity, lol.


this is possibly my favorite entity

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Are these three good? I want to at least make a considerable entity someday

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Well, the only decent one would be the bear.

When I usually make entities, I try basing it around a fear or common occurrence that many people can probably relate to. I don’t want to make an entity based around an old guy who only dates younger girls. That idea seems a bit absurd and doesn’t even sound like an abnormal phenomenon, just weird behavior from existing figures.

The bear sounds like something that could make an abnormal entity, but it would probably need to be altered a bit. Like it’s a species that has never been discovered and would be the assassin of the forests. Killing any person who wanders in the area or has some sort of abnormal effect. Like it lost the ability of hibernation and has increased speed, way more deadlier than existing species of bears in the area. Something like that.

The last one don’t even make sense. A guy who has a super nice personality, but yet does enough crimes to stay in jail, but not enough for a death sentence. So basically a super nice jailbird? I’ve never heard of anyone who continues to be imprisoned to be as nice as you describe, or else they wouldn’t commit the crimes.

Not sure if you know what Russian Roulette is, but if you get shot, you are basically dead so if you won, this guy won’t be able to bother you since he would be dead. If he wins, you would be dead and you play dart guns naked? You would be dead so he plays with your corpse?

The idea seems a bit bizarre and definitely abnormal. But in a way it really doesn’t make much sense.

A lot of these ideas seem to be based around memes and I can’t really tell if these are serious submissions, just funny ideas, or both.

I can’t say that I’m the greatest at making entities as well, but I usually try creating something that can relate to the foundation and/or history of time that creates a huge sense of mystery of their origin. Some funny objects such as the dungeon’s dice work well because its an item that can properly give effects based on what you ask and up to 6-7 kilometer mega giant that wanders the ocean unnoticed.

Most of my own ideas probably don’t sound the greatest, but I try to keep everything more serious and giving it enough of an abnormal structure to make it different than the simple laws of physics that our world abides by.

I’ve watched a lot of SCP videos and seen abnormal creations by others that I have quite an understanding of making Subjects for the Foundation, but It’s not something I can really explain easily.

Usually what I do is think of a creature, object, or even a place that always had a sense of mystery or abnormality to it and create a story behind it.
A good one that I wanted to make was a Master Key that could unlock any door that had a lock and key for it. To emphasize the idea of master keys on a more powerful scale. I turned this idea down after hearing SCP’s Skeleton Key, which was the exact same thing.
You could even have a window of a house, but instead of staring through it to view the outside, it reveals an image of a fragmented dimension or space. Almost like a portal separated by glass.

Just little and random things can make great ideas with a little story behind them.