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My bro isnt stupid he would never do that.

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You all speak in memes so I have no clue if it’s just a joke or it’s serious.

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Does anyone have any questions regarding the story so far. Sadly there’s so much that’s left out that I have yet to say because I want to keep most of it on my novel that I plan to hopefully publish.

It’s going to be one of many stories. I thought of making a mainline series along with shorter stories set aside for lore and connecting events together.


With the way the story works and how the entities actually exists, the item subjects are going to now be classified as Subject Artifacts: now. They will still retain the same document number, but most of them will now have different origins than I had originally.

Most of them will probably be artifacts from other worlds while some were created by Subject: 010. Instead of making a C category for objects, they are quite different than most creations of Subject: 010 so they are still classified as their own thing.


I’m serious here. Please understand./srs

I understand the idea of the concept you submitted, but what was the video for?

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The video was just to tell you how I got the name. That song has a lyric that inspired me.

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Here is the link to my discord.

I’ve only made one other server before so there’s still quite a lot before I get it up and running, but at least you all can join and help me out since I know a majority of you probably have used discord way more than I have.
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Sorry for tagging everyone who isn’t active on this discussion anymore or is working on something more important, but I tagged everyone who at least posted something in the last month on here. I used to have a list of tags I used every update, but I lost it in the posts, plus I’m sure a majority of the older users don’t ever get on much anymore. Sorry if I missed anyone who wants to join, I could only tag the users I could think of, plus I don’t think I could tag more than the current amount.

I know some of you probably don’t have discord, but I figured I would tag you anyway, just in case.


I never realized how dead this discussion became. I mostly moved everything over to the discord server so it’s more organized.

I figured I would post this to see if it’s even a bother to keep the discussion on the forums going.

Do you have discord?
  • Yes I have Discord
  • Sadly I don’t

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I may continue on the forums as well regardless, but I won’t be as active like I will on the discord.