The Shadow Tower update log (Shadows added to the art :) )

I updated the light animation for the player and stuff:

Game link: Flowlab Game Creator - (Name getting changed soon)


Ok, so the AI system is really hard to beat.
Here’s how to make it better:

Step 1

Step 2

The red circle is pointing to the wall objects. NAME YOUR OBJECTS!!!

Step 3
Make it so that the enemy can actually fit through the holes. If this is not done the enemy just phases through the walls and disappears forever

but the enemy is supposed to float thats why i have gravity off for him :confused:

I don’t think it would allow u to watch but try

Pog you added Force Jump! Force Jump is an ability which I accidentally created while trying to add WASD controls for Gamougg 3. To use Force Jump, press the up arrow key and W at the same time.

You found it! (I saw this before and I loved it lol)

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detail upgrade pog

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Is this game still being updated?

Not really, maybe when I get more time

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Understandable, have a great day/night; and good luck with whatever you’re doing (unless it is bad)!

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