The *simplest* way to make an object emit at a position (in pixels)?

I know this a rather redundant question, but I’ve spent quite some time trying to figure this out and I really don’t know how to do it. Every method I’ve tried is rather complex and I am seeking a way to simplify this.

Here’s what I’m trying to:

  1. You click on object 1. It emits object 2.
  2. When object 2 emits, the position needs to be at, say, x404 and y172. (in pixels).

Yes, that’s it. Please note I will not place the object on screen initially and make the initial alpha 0. By doing this, it would conflict with other objects on bottom/top and some objects wouldn’t fire.

I’ve tried sending messages, switches, once/always triggers (they would fire even though the object was offscreen…), and the position would never seem to be where I would want it to be. Help?

Edit the object that emits, give it always — number — position for an x and y
When the object emits it will teleport there.

It worked. However, when I emit the object in-game, go back to the editor, and back to the game again, the object is there and emitted. Should I assume it’s a bug, ignore it, and just refresh the page anyway? Or is it something I did wrong and need to check?

Regular objects reset to their designated grid space, but emitted objects don’t have a space to go back to, so they use their current area as a spot to start. It’s not a bug, opening the editor is basically pausing and restarting at the same time. Just refresh if they get out of hand, I know it’s not exactly a wanted effect.

@grazer please make emited objects dissapear one the editor opens

Ok. Thank you Mhx