The Super Mario Bros Flowlab Edition Log

This is the log for a very inexhaustibly excellent game I created. I noticed on how so many people have viewed it and some liked it, so I decided to make a place so people can post ideas, comments, questions, and for information. All I simply ask is that there is no cussing or name calling or any of that unnecessary sort. Feel free to post comments, please! Link to game is below.

Also, if you want to help in the making of the game, I will accept “recruitment” as long as you have had experience with flowlab. The requirements are…

1: At least two good small or large games. OR…

2: 5 nicely designed game sprites

Also, if we can finish this game sucessfully, I am considering making something in the “Super Smash Bros” area. That is all…for now…

To make a brief introduction, Super Mario Bros Beta is THE closest thing to the actual game. I know the Flowlab edition was revolutionary, but compared to this version, it is not even close, no offense. My version has Fire Mario, Invincible Mario, Underground Bonus Levels, great soundtracks, and many more to come. Super Mario can now also wall climb (or jump) which allows room for secret areas and hidden ways to quickly beat the game. Though the game is still under construction, look how far it has already gone! What are you waiting for?! Click the link above to give it a try!

Game Controls:

Left and Right: Move

Up: Jump

Down: Crouch/Enter Pipe

Z: Victory Pose

X: Fire for Fire Mario/Yoshi’s Tongue/Run (Mario, Super Mario)

R: At Tutorial Beginning, Boot to Actual Game

C: Exit Yoshi

A: Cappy (Super Mario)

Update List:.

2: The secret I will tell you is for my next game. Only when this game is finished is when I will release it. It is called… Super Mario Luigi Bros…

3: All of Mario’s victory poses have been completed. Though you can press Z whenever you want, it would be funner if you did it at the end of a level. Some background images have been uploaded also.

4: World Two is now complete! Hurry across the four more levels to try and save Toad. Also, 1 Up mushrooms have been added, though they truly do not serve a purpose. Also, normal mushrooms have been “recolorized.”

Glitch: you can get stuck in between the pipes, and the game is pretty good

Sorry about that, sometimes Invincible Mario emits Fire Mario inside of objects. Thanks for the comment and for the like, you’re the first one!

In your game, you can stomp on enemies, but not him the side of them, like in an actual Mario game. How?

Not bad, you’ve got most of the logic down and the gameplay is enjoyable.
This is suggested a lot by other members, but try to come up with something original. It could prove to be more difficult, because you have to make up the sprites and all, but it’ll turn out to be better in the long run. Otherwise, it’s a great game!

Understood Luminous. Thanks for the information.

Yahoo! World 2 has just been released! Beware, Bowser will do anything to stop you, including sending a huge army to defeat our hero. Does Mario save the Princess this time? Also, original sound effects have been uploaded to make it sound more authentic. And FINALLY, after the many requests for it, a correct point system for the game has been established. It took a while, but I was able to figure it out.

Some more updates! When you stomp on a enemy, you bounce up like in the original game. Also, if you enter either of the boss battles, the screen shakes for effects! Thanks GRAZER for the earthquake effect.

I am curious for Mario enthusiastic’s inputs. What Super Mario song do you think should be playing at the beginning of the game, or, the first Toad village? I personally didn’t think Delfino Plaza was good enough for it, so I wanted your thoughts.

Delphino hills was always memorable…

What’s the game called? Super Mario Flowlab?

Yes, also, nice avatar, Greggo.

CrimsonBlackGames, what Super Mario Game was the song you presented from? Was it actually called Bianco Hills?

News: Sneak Peek to new animations on tutorial

Dude, this game is amazing and I really can see the amount of time and effort you put into this game! Great Job!